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Noah McDermott
Height: 5'11"
Year: Junior
Hometown: Tahoe City, Calif.
High School: North Tahoe
Experience: 2 Letters
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AS A JUNIOR (2016-17)

Cross Country: Finished second in every race for Gaels … Best time was 23:55.80 at Stanford Invitational on Oct. 1 where he came in 16th … Came in 26th in 25:26.0  at the West Coast Conference Championships on Oct. 28 … Finished 113th in 32:11.9 at the NCAA West Regionals on Nov. 11.

AS A SOPHOMORE (2015-16)

AS A FRESHMAN (2014-15)

Track: McDermott had a solid track season focusing on the 5K and 3K steeple … He PR’d in 3K steeple with a time of 9:16 at the Portland Twilight Track Meet … Ran a time of 14:57 for the 5K at the Brutus Hamilton Open.

Cross Country: Saw incredible improvement in training and racing as the season progressed … PR’d in the 8K at the Bronco Invitational with a time of 24:47 and ran a time of 32:16 in the 10K at the NCAA West Regionals.

PRIOR TO SAINT MARY'S: McDermott brings a stacked resume to the Gaels after winning nine state championships ... In each of his sophomore, junior and senior seasons, McDermott would win both the 1600 and 3200 meter titles ... In his senior year, Noah would add the 4x800 meter titles to his resume ... McDermott would win state titles in Cross Country in both his junior and senior campaigns ... He had this to say about joining the Gaels: “I chose Saint Mary’s because it has the perfect location and size, it has a great educational reputation, and the running team is clearly on the rise ... I felt like I was at home when I visited SMC" ... Noah’s best race came that season in the 3200 with a time of 9:34.91.

PERSONAL: McDermott chose Saint Mary’s because of its amazing location, academics, perfect school size, and phenomenal recruiting visit … He is a master of the Rubik’s cube and can solve it in one breath.