Saint Mary's College NCAA Compliance Manual


Compliance Program - Table of Contents

•  Compliance Program Overview

Rules Education Program

•  Rules Education Program Overview

•  Compliance Newsletters

Requesting Rules Interpretations

•  Requesting Rules Interpretations

Reporting Potential Violations

•  Policy for Reporting Potential Rule Violations

For Prospective Student-Athletes

•  Recruiting

•  Applying to Saint Mary's College of California

•  Prospective Student Athlete Financial Aid Information

•  NCAA Eligibility

•  National Letter of Intent

•  NCAA Rules and Regulations

•  Student Athlete “Right to Know”

Current Student-Athlete Information

•  Student-Athlete General Information

•  Student-Athlete Promotional Activity

•  Student-Athlete Drug Policy  

•  2017-18 NCAA Banned Drugs

•  2017-18 Drug Testing Program Guide

•  Drug Policies Brochure

•  Gambling and Sport Wagering

•  Don't Bet On It

•  Don't Bet On It Poster

•  Sports Wagering Self-Assessment for StudentAthletes

•  Top 15 Warning Signs that a Student-Athlete has a gambling problem

•  Student Athlete “Right to Know”

•  Student Athlete Newsletters

•  Student Athlete NCAA Rules Education

•  Social Media Guidelines for Student-Athletes

•  Division I Summary of NCAA Regulations

•  Guide to Student-Athlete Interaction with Boosters

•  Use of Outside Trainers Tip Sheet

•  2017-18 Saint Mary's College Student-Athlete Handbook

Transfer Information

•  Transfer Guidelines

Coach/Staff Information

•  Coach/Staff Information Overview

•  Recruiting

•  Official Visit Procedures

•  Unofficial Visit Policy

•  National Letter of Intent

•  Certification of Competitive Eligibility

•  Playing and Practice Season/CARA Logs

•  Student-Athlete Seasons of Competition

•  Volunteer Coaches

•  Outside Income Received by Departmental Staff

•  Private Lessons Tip Sheet

•  Social Networking Tip Sheet

•  Publicity of Signees Tip Sheet

•  Recruiting Services Checklist

•  Guide for Volunteer Coaches

Graduation Rates, APR & GSR

•  Academic Progress Rate & Graduation Rate Data

For Alumni, Donors, and Friends

•  Tips for Alumni, Donors and Friends

For Agents and Financial Advisors

•  Agent Education Information

•  NCAA Agent Brochure

•  Professional Education Documents

•  Men's Basketball NBA Educational Document

•  Baseball MLB Educational Document

•  Women's Basketball Educational Document

•  Agent Registration Form