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SAPC Feb 2017
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#20 Alex Jensen
Position: Right Handed Pitcher
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190
Hometown: Oakland, Calif.
High School: SMC High School
Other College: Diablo Valley College
Alma Mater: Saint Mary's
Graduating Year: 2008
Experience: 2 Letters
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javascript: goPtp('II/IIKSXOSKTUNXPNF.20120312001429.JPG','Gaels Roundtable with Todd Golden, Matt Maiocco, Ben Enos and Alex Jensen','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/II/IIKSXOSKTUNXPNF.20120312001429.JPG','/pics32/0/II/IIKSXOSKTUNXPNF.20120312001429.JPG','')
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javascript: goPtp('QL/QLEAWPGXSHUFIYB.20120122005714.JPG','Womens Soccer head coach Kai Edwards joins Alex Jensen for some analysis ','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/QL/QLEAWPGXSHUFIYB.20120122005714.JPG','/pics32/0/QL/QLEAWPGXSHUFIYB.20120122005714.JPG','')
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javascript: goPtp('KP/KPGGEPTJGCXRRUM.20110307223639.JPG','Jesse Clark speaking with Alex Jensen after the game against Gonzaga','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/KP/KPGGEPTJGCXRRUM.20110307223639.JPG','/pics32/0/KP/KPGGEPTJGCXRRUM.20110307223639.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('FE/FERGCLACNNDROEC.20110307034149.JPG','Mike Bouve and Alex Jensen - the voice of Saint Marys radio','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/FE/FERGCLACNNDROEC.20110307034149.JPG','/pics32/0/FE/FERGCLACNNDROEC.20110307034149.JPG','')
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In his first season in 2012-13 as the Saint Mary's men's basketball play-by-play announcer ... called women's basketball games for during the ??-2012 seasons ... served as the men's basketball public address announcer during the ??-2012 seasons ... began hosting the Randy Bennett Gaels Basketball Show in ???? and Gaels Roundtable in 2012.

As a Senior (2008):  sdf

As a Junior (2007): Made 20 appearances with five starts in his first season in a Gaels uniform...had an overall 1-2 record with a 3.84 ERA...struck out 30 in 61 innings pitched...allowed 65 hits and held opposing batters to a .284 mark...during conference play showcased a 3.13 his three starts during WCC games posted a 1.74 ERA...tossed four innings and allowed three hits and struck out five against UVS on 2/18...tallied first career save on 3/17 against SUU in a two inning effort...allowed one hit in 2.0 IP against PEP...allowed one run on three hits against San Diego on 4/5...struck out two and allowed three hits in 3.1 innings vs. UCD on 4/17....struck out five in six shutout innings in first WCC start against Portland on April 27...pitched nine innings and allowed six hits and one run against Santa Clara on May 5.

Junior College: Comes to Saint Mary's from Diablo Valley College where he earned two letters...was named the Team Pitcher of the Year after tallying a 5-3 record with a 3.38 ERA and 67 strikeouts in 77 innings pitched...attended Saint Mary's College High School in Berkeley, Calif. where he lettered twice in baseball...recorded an 11-3 record and a 1.64 ERA his senior season.