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Maxime Olivan
Height: 6'0"
Year: Redshirt Junior
Hometown: Toulouse, France
High School: Lycee Bellevue
Experience: 2 Letters
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javascript: goPtp('GG/GGLYNLMKKVXKNKW.20110118002848.jpg','2011 Mens Tennis Team Picture','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/GG/GGLYNLMKKVXKNKW.20110118002848.jpg','/pics32/0/GG/GGLYNLMKKVXKNKW.20110118002848.jpg','')
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javascript: goPtp('VW/VWSXLXZKBVXPOTW.20110118002215.jpg','2011 Mens Tennis Team Photo','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/VW/VWSXLXZKBVXPOTW.20110118002215.jpg','/pics32/0/VW/VWSXLXZKBVXPOTW.20110118002215.jpg','')
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javascript: goPtp('CR/CRZQSJKCQXMFAXM.20110118003310.jpg','2011 Mens Tennis Team Picture','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/CR/CRZQSJKCQXMFAXM.20110118003310.jpg','/pics32/0/CR/CRZQSJKCQXMFAXM.20110118003310.jpg','')
Olivan Photos

2011-12 (Senior)
Spring 2012: Named to the All-WCC Second Team and WCC All-Academic Team ... finished the season with a 9-13 record playing all matches at the No. 1 spot ... was 3-4 in WCC matches ... won four straight matches from March 23 to April 3 with wins over opponents from Gonzaga, Portland, No. 44 BYU, and Montana ... earned the biggest win of his career against the Cougars, defeating No. 45 Georgy Batrakov, 7-6, 2-6, 6-2 ... won three straight matches from Febraury 26 to March 9 against opponents from UC Riverside, UC Davis, and Idaho ... in doubles play, was 7-5 with Saad Benkirane, 1-3 with Gavin Leon, 1-2 with Joakim Norstrom and 0-3 with Samuel Bloore.
Fall 2011: Went 4-4 in singles in fall play and 4-3 with Gavin Leon in doubles...the duo was ranked No. 48 in the ITA Preseason Doubles poll.

2010-11 (Junior): Finished the season with a 9-15 singles record playing primarily at the difficult No. 1 spot ... was a WCC Honorable Mention selection in singles and All-WCC First Team selection in doubles with Gavin Leon ... in singles, went 7-13 on court one and 2-2 at the two spot ... went 3-5 against WCC opponents ... won two matches against opponents from ranked teams when the Gaels upset No. 57 Santa Clara and No. 46 Idaho ... won four straight matches from March 26- April 5 with wins over Wichita State, No. 57 Santa Clara, Gonzaga, and Montana ... went 13-8 in doubles, playing primarily with Gavin Leon ... the duo went 9-3 at the No. 1 spot ... the pair won four matches against opponents from ranked teams ... Leon/Olivan won five consecutive matches from March 8-April 5 with wins over Louisiana-Lafayette, UC Riverside, No. 57 Santa Clara, Gonzaga, and Montana ...the duo was 4-2 against WCC opponents ... the pair won four matches in a row from April 10-April 21 with wins over No. 49 UC Irvine, No. 70 San Francisco, No. 46 Idaho, and Loyola Marymount.

2009-10 (Sophomore): Did not participate with the team.

2008-09 (Freshman): Tabbed a 7-11 overall singles record and went 6-8 in doubles action...posted two three-match win streaks throughout the year, including the last three matches of the season in the conference championships...defeated players from San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Loyola Marymount in the championships, and finished the year with a 4-4 record against WCC opponents...played all but one of his doubles matches at the No. 1 position, along with Lucas Tirelli.

High School: Joined the Gaels from Toulouse, France where he attended Lycee Bellevue High School...participated in multiple tournaments while in France, including the ITF, ATP, and French Open...was a member of the best team in the third division of France...chose Saint Mary's because of the location, coaches, reputation, and tennis program.