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MBK | Postgame Quotes - Saint Mary's 74, South Carolina State 47
Release: Thursday 12/22/2016 
by SMC Athletics

Saint Mary’s Center, Jock Landale

Q: What adjustments did you guys make in the second half?

Landale: “I think what was at fault in the first half was we just weren’t playing hard enough. We weren’t playing well as a team. Coach wanted us to play harder and more as a unit. We did that in the second half and it worked well for us.”

Q: Is it time to get to the conference season now?

Landale: “Absolutely. I think we’ve been ready to get to conference. We came tonight ready to finish off the non conference schedule really well, and we did that tonight. We are all excited to get to conference.”

Q: As you head into conference, how beneficial was it to get some of the bench players more minutes tonight?

Landale: "Absolutely, it was really important. It is always helpful to gain experience, so if you can get everyone minutes to gain experience, it will certainly help us in the long run.”

Q: What do you think you need to work on heading into conference?

Landale: “We know we need to work on just playing defense. Playing good defense as a team certainly helps. We always want to rebound better than what we do. We feel that is something that we can always improve on. Just playing harder. Something we didn’t think we did a good job of at the start of tonight.”

Saint Mary’s head coach, Randy Bennett

Q: Jock said maybe the team didn’t come out quite hard enough tonight. Are you happy about the way they responded there in the second half?

Bennett: “We had some good stretches in the first half. We’ve been turning the ball over more than we normally do, and that includes last year and early parts of this year. When I see that, it ends up snow balling into other things for me as a coach, but we had some good stretches in the first half.”

“In the second half, I thought we were good. Jock had a lot to do with us getting going. They are pretty good and usually respond well to challenges. We didn’t play a half well, and I didn’t think we played a great 20 minutes. We played a good 12, maybe 14 minutes, but we need to build on that.”

“I didn’t think Jock was as dominant as he could have been in the first half. He missed a couple of easy ones. Had a couple of turnovers, I think three or four, and he is capable of doing a lot of great things.”

Q: What did you think of Tanner Krebs tonight?

Bennett: “It is definitely a deal to try and get those guys minutes. I told Tanner that if he defends well, he stays on the court. I thought he got tired and that is why we pulled him out. He played hard and I was very pleased with the way he defended.”

“The intensity, the rebounds, Tanner is a really good shooter. His numbers right now do not reflect what kind of shooter he is. Give him enough minutes and he can really help us. I think he’s starting too. It is hard to have confidence and play at this level and there is pressure. He is going through all of that and trying to figure out how he can help the team and get more minutes.”

Q: Do you think your team is feeling the pressure a little bit of being ranked?

Bennett: “No. I really don’t think so. I think we are still trying to get some roles figured out. We are a little choppy. I really don’t think it is because we are ranked. They are good about the ranking. We understand there are expectations."

"We’ve been dealing with it from the fall on. I really don’t think it is on their minds that much. I do think teams are going to come here and get excited to play against us. We got to flip that and be more excited to play them.”

Q: Do you think you are going to see more zones during conference?

Bennett: “I do. At least on what we did tonight, I think we will.”