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Postgame Quotes - No. 19 Saint Mary's 72, San Diego 60
Release: Friday 12/31/2016 
by SMC Athletics

Saint Mary’s Forward, Tanner Krebs

Q: It looked like you were feeling pretty confident out there…

Krebs: “We’ve been practicing really well and shooting the ball well. We got the confidence going, and it certainly helps when you got great guys getting you the ball and finding you open. Jock Landale found me a couple times and Emmett Naar, so all the guys really just find each other. Today, the shots went in so it felt good.”

Q: The Reserves almost outscored the starters. Do you guys get competitive with that?

Krebs: “Definitely. It is good to see the bench come in and play the way we did. A lot of guys, Dane Pineau, Jordan Ford played well. It is good to see the whole team play well.”

Q: Did you have an idea tonight that you would play a large role?

Krebs: “Not really. I’m coming in and working hard. I’m looking for open and shots, and I’m taking them. I got open a few times tonight and I was fortunately able to knockdown the shot. I just play the game. I love the game. Tonight, it came to me and wanted to make the most of it.”

Q: Do you think the team will have those four or five guys consistently getting minutes off the bench?

Krebs: “Well, if I keep hitting four threes then maybe [laughing]. In the end, if you go in and do your job, then you are going to play. I don’t think it necessarily matters a whole lot but it is really about what is best for the team.”

Q: What has been the difference for you from the beginning of the season and now?

Krebs: “I think confidence. Last few games I’ve been shooting the ball really well. At the beginning of the year, I shot well, but they just weren’t going in. The more games I was in and making fewer shots, the confidence was getting down a little bit, but I’ve practicing a little more shooting the ball a lot and I think that has helped me a lot.”

Q: What do you do when Coach Bennett says play good defense and you’ll stay on the floor?

Krebs: “Play defense. It is simple. I think I take pride in my defense. The deciding factor is the defense. He always says if you play defense you will play in the game. I try to focus on that in practice and I try to work hard during scouting. I focus on my defensive assignment and I think that has helped me in these past few games.”

Saint Mary’s head coach, Randy Bennett

Q: You knew Tanner was going to have a big name tonight, right?

Bennett: “He’s been coming on lately. He hit 4-for-4 tonight. He and Jordan Ford, Dane Pineau...I thought the bench played really well. Tanner gives us a huge lift. Ford gave us a huge lift scoring and just playing. Kyle Clark gave us a lift too. He did more defensively and Dane is Dane.”

Q: Is it good to have a night like this where your starters weren’t clicking and you can get that contribution from the bench?

Bennett: “Absolutely. That is where our team needs to be. Good depth. I got to play them. I mean they are freshmen. Kyle bounced back. I didn’t think he was good down in Loyola Marymount taking care of the ball but he made some good plays for us tonight. We weren’t bad at anything. Pretty good offensively after the first 8-10 minutes.”

Q: Were you impressed with San Diego’s ability to keep up and lose contact?

Bennett: “Yeah, in the first half it was an even game until the last three or four minutes. They are playing downsize and a lot of teams in the league are, and we are going in the other route. We have to be able to match that well defensively. We did alright, but we can always do better. We did alright.”

Q: Do you think you haven’t played a complete offensive game since the win versus Nevada?

Bennett: “I wouldn’t say that. I think we’ve played some really good offensive games. Our numbers are among tops in the country so we’ve had some good games. We have been choppy. There are spurts in the game. We had a little stretch where we would turn the ball over and we are better than that. We looked more like ourselves tonight. We shot 57 percent at Loyola and 51 percent tonight. Those are good numbers and offensively, we just got to take care of the ball. When we take care of the ball, we are hard to guard.”

Q: Seems like you’ve been pretty consistent defensively this season, right?

Bennett: “Yeah, but I also think we’ve been spurty. We’ve just been spurty as a team. I don’t think we are anywhere near finished product. I think we will get better as Tanner, Ford and Kyle start getting consistent in their roles, it will make us a more consistent team. They’re doing their part, and our starters need to do theirs at the start of the game.”

Q: Do you have more confidence in your bench players now?

Bennett: “Yes, definitely. I think Tanner had to get the rust off and he was getting choppy minutes at best. Ford learned this level defensively and he is a very good offensive players. He gives us a burst all the time. Tanner is a good defender. He is a good offensive player. A good shooter needs time and minutes to let his game play out. He is like Calvin. He can put the ball on the floor. He and Ford are freshmen and they are figuring things out. They are coming on at the right time for us.”