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SMC Athletic Hall of Fame Honors Court
Release: Saturday 06/23/2008 
by SMC Athletics

The Honors Court consists of 15 members representing both gender and diversity. The Honors Court includes two institutional representatives, the Director of Athletics, and a staff member of the College designated by the Director of Athletics. All other Honors Court Members must be alumni of Saint Mary's College.

The Honors Court will be responsible for appointing new members to fill vacancies. Honors Court members will serve for a minimum of three years. Honors Court Members may be removed from the Court either by submitting a letter of resignation or a vote of two-thirds of the Court Membership.

The Honors Court will have two subcommittees, one for men's sports and one for women's sports. The Sub Committees are charged with assisting in gathering and processing nominations. Sub Committees may invite any individual to share information or support a nomination before the group.

The Honors Court may seek assistance in researching candidates from staff, students, and volunteers as needed.

Frank Brady
Tom Bruce
Chris Carter
George Clark
Don DeLong
Robert Hagler
Tracy Johnston
Joe Kehoe
Yvonne Millette
Mark Orr
Neil Sweeney
David Vann
Ken Vincent
Lisa Ward