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Tim Williams made the final shot of the regular season with his last-second 3-pointer on Saturday.
Tim Williams made the final shot of the regular season with his last-second 3-pointer on Saturday.
MBK | Senior Night Brings Strong Emotions
Release: Friday 03/02/2013 
by SMC Athletics

MORAGA, Calif. -- In the future, when Saint Mary's men's basketball fans look back at the 2012-13 Gaels, they might wonder who made the final shot of the regular season.

The line will read: "SMC 3-Pointer by No. 25 Tim Williams."

That statistic, and the ensuing celebration, will serve as the reminder of how close the senior class at Saint Mary's was this year. In Matthew Dellavedova, Paul McCoy, Mitchell Young, Kyle Rowley and Williams, the Gaels had more than basketball players.

They had a band of brothers.

"What I will remember is how good the leadership was we had from these seniors," Saint Mary's coach Randy Bennett said. "How much they care about each other, how much they care about their team, how unselfish they've been."

The stories of all the seniors have been told many times over.

Dellavedova, the leader both on and off the court. The all-time scoring leader. Young, the role player turned rebounding monster down low. McCoy, the resillient player who fought through four knee surgeries. Rowley, the vocal leader and big man who brought physicality and a great attitude day in and day out. Williams, the local product who played a role in some of Saint Mary's greatest triumphs.

"They each have a story, of how they got here or how their career went," Bennett said. "Each story is pretty special."

Of course in Williams, who until Saturday hadn't played a game in his senior season due to a knee injury, the Gaels found their most memorable moment on Saturday. Given the opportunity at the end of the game, Williams sank the last shot of the 2012-13 regular season from right in front of the Saint Mary's bench.

"He's been my locker next-door neighbor for the last four years. He's one of my best mates," Dellavedova said. "We've seen what he's gone through, and for him to get up there to hit that 3, it was a great rebound and pass by Kyle, it's definitely something all of us will never forget."

The seniors lingered on the court well after the game, mingling with fans who simply wanted to share their appreciation or talk about how much they've enjoyed watching the quintet play.

Both Bennett and his seniors know that story still has another chapter to be written.