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ROW | Gaels Earn Clean Sweep At NorCal/SoCal Showdown
Release: Friday 04/20/2013 
by SMC Athletics

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. -- Day one of the NorCal/SoCal Showdown went exactly as planned for the Saint Mary's rowing team as the Gaels won every race it competed in against Santa Clara and UC Davis.

Saint Mary's started against Santa Clara, with the first varsity 8s squaring off. The Gaels stopped the clock in 7 minutes, 0.7 seconds to easily outpace the Broncos, who finished in 7:36.7.

Next came the second varsity 8s and it was again a clear win for the Gaels, who crossed the line in 7:28.1 to beat the Broncos by just over 30 seconds.

The morning session wrapped up with fours, and the Novice 4 team crossed ahead of teammates in the varsity 4 boat, clocking a 8:29.3 to take the race.

Saint Mary's got back in the water later in the afternoon to face UC Davis and the results were the same. The second varsity eight went off first, and its time of 7:33.2 saw the Gaels beat the Aggies by eight seconds.

Fours came next, with the Novice boat again taking the heat with a time of 8:27.9. The first varsity 8 boat wrapped up Saturday's action, winning with a time of 7:13.8.

Saint Mary's returns to Redwood Shores tomorrow to face San Diego State. Racing begins at 10:30 with the first varsity 8s.

SMC vs. Santa Clara

1st Varsity 8: Bennett Collier (coxswain), Haley Adams, Michelle Felmlee-Gartner, Meagan Scott, Maryann Concannon, Dana Cook, Stacey Boss, Christina Bennett, Katie Wahl - 1. 7:00.7. Santa Clara 7:36.7.

2nd Varsity 8: Rebecca Beutler (coxswain), Adriana Palmiere, Mari Irby, Allison McKenzie, Sharyl Koenig, Nicolette Pierantoni, Julia Turner, Tessa Cunha, Alexa Gordon - 1. 7:28.1. Santa Clara 7:59.6.

Novice 4: Valerie Lim (coxswain) , Sarah Gleason, Celeste DiLullo, Tiffany Gill, Bailey Mindari - 1. 8:29.3.

Varsity 4: Sabitri Dolson (coxswain), Rachel Alvarez, AnaKarina Castrillo, Monica Posadas, Kylene Gilmore - 2. 8:44.5

SMC vs. UC Davis

1st Varsity 8: Collier (coxswain), Concannon, Adams, Boss, Cook, Wahl, Scott, Felmlee-Gartner, Bennett - 1. 7:13.8. UC Davis 7:28.2.

2nd Varsity 8: Beutler (coxswain), Palmiere, Irby, McKenzie, Koenig, Alvarez, Turner, Cunha, Gilmore - 1. 7:33.2. UC Davis 7:41.5.

Novice 4: Lim (coxswain) , Gleason, DiLullo, Gill, Gordon - 1. 8:27.9. UC Davis 9:05.8.

Varsity 4: Dolson (coxswain), Pierantoni, Castrillo, Posadas, Mindari - 2. 8:34.5 (raced in same heat as Novice 4).