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Calvin Hermanson, left, will look to transition from a storied high school career to the collegiate ranks.
Calvin Hermanson, left, will look to transition from a storied high school career to the collegiate...
Meet The New Gaels: Calvin Hermanson
Release: Thursday 07/08/2013 
by SMC Athletics

Summer at Saint Mary's means there are plenty of new athletes getting acclimated to their new surroundings. Throughout the offseason, will sit down with some of the newest student-athletes on campus to see how their transition to college life is going.

Kicking off the series is men's basketball player Calvin Hermanson. A native of Lake Oswego, Ore., Hermanson recently returned home to Oregon for a brief summer break after spending his first few weeks on campus. The two-time Gatorade State Player of the Year chatted with on Monday to give his take on life at Saint Mary's. After having a bit of time to get acquainted with Saint Mary's and your new teammates, what's your first impression of life as a Gael?

Calvin Hermanson: It's been great. All the guys have definitely made it a really easy transition for me. I feel like I'm fitting in really well. Having had a chance to work out a bit with your new teammates, is there anything about this level of basketball that you've noticed as different?

Hermanson: Right away, one thing you notice is it's a lot more physical. That's one thing I'm working on, getting in the weight room and getting stronger. What's life been like off the court? Got a roommate yet?

Hermanson: Right now, I don't yet. I've been pretty close with (Jordan) Giusti and he's been showing me around a lot. He knows a lot of people so I've been introduced to a lot of people. You know he's a local legend, right?

Hermanson: He's too humble to tell me that straight up, but I've heard. You've already taken a class this summer. What'd you take, and how much different is college academically from what you're used to?

Hermanson: I took a 20th century analysis class on arts and architecture with a couple of the guys. I liked it a little better (than high school) in that the essays are more broad and we can write more of what we want. Have you found your "spot" on campus yet? Where have you hung out the most?

Hermanson: I definitely love McKeon. I've also gone on a couple hikes and got a chance to look down on everything on campus. I made it up to the cross and the SMC (on the hill). How's the camaraderie between you and your new teammates?

Hermanson: I'm really excited to get on the court with these guys. We've had open gyms and stuff and we're building chemistry already.

Check throughout the summer for more features with SMC's newest student-athletes.