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TEN | Gaels Participate In Brighter Beginnings Fundraiser
Release: Tuesday 09/20/2013 
by SMC Athletics

MORAGA, Calif. -- The Saint Mary's men's and women's tennis teams devoted their Saturday two weekends ago to a good cause, helping to host a fundraiser for the Brighter Beginnings organization devoted to mentoring parenting teens.

"We are very grateful to Saint Mary’s for opening up their tennis facility to our sixth-annual Playing Together for a Brighter Beginning fundraiser and for including so many of your players," said Brighter Beginnings Board Chair Mariani Salmon. " Although having a two-location event added some logistic challenges, it was worth the effort.

In previous years we had the same number of tennis players on half the number of courts so there was down time between rounds. This year, with your courts and wonderful Saint Mary’s players, we were able to have continuous play for nearly three hours making all of the tennis players very happy with the level of play and the overall experience."

Participants were able to play at either Moraga Country Club or Saint Mary's throughout the day. Coaches and athletes from both the men's and women's teams participated, teaming up with administrators from Brighter Beginnings to raise money for their peer counseling program in high schools.

"I think it was a really good cause for us to play in and I felt that the day was very successful," Saint Mary's men's coach Michael Wayman said. "It was a positive environment certainly for all of the players. I think for the participants they were really appreciative that the teams played and they asked us if we would play again."

Despite a sweltering hot day, there was plenty of fun to be had as Gaels coaches and athletes took to the court with players of all skill levels.

"We were happy to be a part of the Brighter Beginnings fundraiser and I think our girls had a great time interacting with the participants," Saint Mary's women's coach Lisa Alipaz said. "Any time we can give back, whether it's using our courts or helping in any way we can, I believe we can make an impact beyond just the game of tennis."

For more information on Brighter Beginnings and its mission, visit its website at