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Postgame Quotes - Saint Mary's 75, Gonzaga 86
Release: Thursday 03/07/2017 
by SMC Athletics

Saint Mary’s Head Coach Paul Thomas on game.

Thomas: “We did not have a very good first half. We did not execute the way we wanted to execute. But they showed what kind of competitors they are by coming out in the second half with their heads up, did a better job and took better shots and played better defense. I think we had it cut to seven at that point. I am disappointed.  It’s not fun losing. In a situation like this when you see each mistake, it seems to be magnified. I am proud of everyone. I am not disappointed with this team.”

Shannon on cutting the big deficit down to single digits.

Mauldin: “Our main mission was to just get stops. Stop, score, stop, is what coach tells us every time. I guess you could say we made it a lot harder on ourselves. We definitely fought back and didn’t give up.”

Devyn on the halftime message to come out with a 17-2 run.

Galland: “It is going to be quite the journey coming back, and you know when you play these teams you can’t go down by 20. We still have 20 minutes left and we just have to listen to the game plan and execute it. We can’t let Barta have a record night.” 

Coach Thomas on playing postseason games in another week.

Thomas: “We will probably be playing in a tournament that doesn’t start with an N and end in an A. But we will be playing postseason and that’s eight straight years and we always work to play in the NCAA Tournament, and that’s always the goal. I think we’ve done quite enough. We have improved as each week has gone by… and I still think we can improve. We will take a few days off, get some body rehabilitation in, and I think the kids will be ready to go."

Coach Thomas on attempting to guard Barta

Thomas: “Attempt was to not let her score. It’s how you do that. She just does a really good job of getting to her sweet spots. Whether that’s on the three-point line, goes right, she knows her range and runs the floor. We put McKay on her, because McKay can be a little physical with her on the inside. She didn’t have too many inside baskets. The problem is, McKay is at the other end defending so she’s got to sprint all the way back. 

Meg did that for 36 minutes and that’s hard to do. And Meg had to play 36 minutes last night while their kids had half the game off. So there are a lot of factors in it. This game is have your knees bent and hands up, and we did not do a very good job of having our knees bent and hands up to be honest with you. But they did a very good job of getting her the ball where she wants it. She’s feeling it. She’s been feeling it since the months of January, February and now March." 

Devyn on playing with Saint Mary’s against her hometown Gonzaga

Galland: “It’s fun going home and having family support there. Everyone is from Spokane in my family and they don’t get to make it to Saint Mary’s a lot. So when we go there it’s always nice to see everyone and play in that type of environment."