Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports

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 Athletic Director & Faculty Athletics Representative
 Mark Orr  Director of Athletics and Recreational Sports (Twitter)  631-4399  
 Stacey Nittler  Assistant to the Director of Athletics  631-4399  
 Craig Johnson  Faculty Athletic Representative  631-4968  

 Academics & Compliance  (Twitter)
 Kari Montero  Assistant AD for Academic Support  631-4147  
 Stephanie Shrieve  Assistant AD for Compliance  631-4952  
 Staci Hamaguchi  Assistant AD for Academic Support  631-4699  
 Piper Brewster  Director of Compliance for Monitoring and Education  631-4956  
 Nicole Vargo  Director of Compliance for Monitoring and Eligibility  631-4390  

 Athletic Training Services
 Tony Kearns  Head Athletic Trainer  (Twitter)  631-4398  
 Chris Jamero  Assistant Athletic Trainer  631-8760  
 Jennifer O'Hara  Assistant Athletic Trainer  631-8567  
 Emily Silva  Assistant Athletic Trainer  631-8758  
 Shelly Taketa  Assistant Athletic Trainer  631-4398  

 Business Operations
 Kami Gray  Associate AD for Business Operations/SWA (Twitter)  631-4521  
 Ashley Nied  Coord. of Business Operations & Equipment  631-8524  

 Facilities & Game Management
 Mark Papadopoulos  Associate AD for Operations  631-4951  
 Ed Arnold  Director of Event Management  631-4656  

 Marketing/Corporate Partnerships/Ticket Operations
 Hank Stern  Assistant AD for Marketing  631-4265  
 Blake Huckaby  Director of Ticket Operations  (Twitter)  631-4689  
 Jennifer Clapp  Coordinator of Marketing & Promotions  631-4383  

 Athletic Development (Website)
 Tom Carroll  Associate Director of Development - Athletics (Twitter)  631-8685  
 Mark Chiarucci  Major Gifts Officer (Twitter)  631-4168  

 Athletic Communications  (FacebookTwitterBlog • Instagram • Google+)
 Richard Kilwien  Associate AD for External Affairs (Twitter)
 Sports: m. basketball, golf, m soccer
 Mark Oshidari  Associate Director for Communications (Twitter)
 Sports: w. basketball, w soccer, XC/Track, lacrosse, softball, rowing
 Ben Enos  Associate Director for Communications  (Twitter)
 Sports: volleyball, sand vb, m&w tennis, baseball
 Bryan Navarro  Director of Creative Video (Twitter)  631-8951  

 Campus Recreation & Club Sports   (FacebookTwitter)  (Rec Center Twitter)
 Marty Storti  Associate AD for Administration  631-4781  
 Rebecca Harper  Assistant AD for Recreational Sports  631-4949  
 Ashley Anand  Director of Recreation Operations  631-8007  
 Scott Ohlendorf  Director of Recreation Programs  631-4894  
 Jennifer Deasy  Assistant Director of Recreation Fitness for Aquatics  631-4949  
 Phillip DeTonnancourt  Assistant Director of Recreation Programs  631-4894  
 Danielle DiMeglio  Assistant Director of Recreation Operations  631-4894  
 Kevin Grant  Assistant Director of Recreation Programs  631-4949  
 Joshua Harper  Coordinator of Athletic Camps  631-4386  
 Lori Umidon  Recreation Service Coordinator  631-4386  

 Strength & Conditioning
 Jon Gregory  Strength and Conditioning Coach  631-4067  
 Shane Connolly  Strength and Conditioning Coach  631-4067  

 Baseball   (Facebook)
 Eric Valenzuela  Head Coach (Twitter)  631-4637  
 Mark Viramontes  Assistant Coach (Twitter)  631-8150  
 Matt Fonteno  Assistant Coach (Twitter)  631-8141  
 Daniel Costanza
 Volunteer Assistant Coach
 TBA  Director of Baseball Operations  631-4735  

 Men's Basketball   (Facebook)
 Randy Bennett  Head Coach  631-8848  
 Jim Shaw  Assistant Coach  631-4389  
 Marty Clarke  Assistant Coach  631-8268  
 Eran Ganot  Assistant Coach  631-4612  
 Marcus Schroeder  Director of Basketball Operations  631-4389  

 Women's Basketball  (Facebook  •  Twitter)
 Paul Thomas  Head Coach   (Twitter)  631-4712  
 Tracy Sanders  Associate Head Coach  631-4614  
 Allyson Fasnacht  Assistant Coach  (Twitter)  631-4153  
 Lisa O'Meara  Assistant Coach (Twitter)  631-8034  
 Jessica Lemmon  Graduate Assistant (Dir. of Women's Basketball Operations)  631-8546  

 Cross Country / Track (Men's and Women's)  (Facebook  •  Twitter)
 Marty Kinsey  Head Coach  878-9423  
 Tom Kloos  Associate Head Coach    
 Galen Johnson  Volunteer Assistant Coach    
 Madeline Van Santen  Assistant Coach    

 Men's Golf  (Twitter)
 Scott Hardy  Head Coach   (Twitter)  631-4954  
 Jeremy Niederstadt  Assistant Coach (Twitter)  631-4954  

 Women's Lacrosse  (Twitter)
 Jessica Mucci  Head Coach  631-4959  
 TBA  Assistant Coach  631-4959  

 Women's Rowing  (Facebook)
 Anna Pytlak  Head Coach  631-4955  
 Lindsey Scott-Anderson  Assistant Coach  631-4907  
 TBA  Volunteer Assistant Coach  631-4907  

 Men's Soccer  (Facebook  •  Twitter)
 Adam Cooper  Head Coach  (Twitter)  631-4657  
 Chris Brown  Assistant Coach  (Twitter)  631-4890   
 Charlie Campbell  Assistant Coach  (Twitter)  631-4890   
 Stephen Wondolowski  Volunteer Assistant Coach (Twitter)  631-4890  

 Women's Soccer (Facebook)
 Travis Clarke  Head Coach (Twitter)  631-4415  
 Brook Johnson  Assistant  Coach  631-4810  
 TBA  Assistant Coach  631-4554  
 TBA  Volunteer Assistant Coach  631-4554  

 Jessica Hanaseth  Head Coach  631-4987  
 Roni Sparrey  Assistant Coach  631-4550  
 John Rebstock  Assistant Coach  631-4550  

 Men's and Women's Tennis  (Facebook - W)
 Michael Wayman  Tennis Director/Men's Head Coach  631-4401  
 Lisa Alipaz  Women's Head Coach  631-4711  
 Simon Harston  Assistant Men's Tennis Coach  631-4401  
 Alex Poorta
 Assistant Women's Tennis Coach (Twitter)  631-4711  

 Women's Volleyball  (Facebook  •  Twitter)
 Rob Browning  Head Coach  631-4444  
 Owen Monroy
 Assistant Coach (Twitter)  631-8134  
 Stacey O'Connor  Assistant Coach (Twitter)  631-4960  
 Jordan Shaw  Director of Volleyball Operations (Twitter)  631-8134  

 Club Sport Coaches   (FacebookTwitter)
 TBA  Men's Crew Head Coach  631-4949  
 Collin Knightly  Men's Lacrosse Head Coach  631-4949  
 Tim O'Brien  Men's Rugby Head Coach  631-4949  
 John Everett  Men's Rugby Assistant Coach  631-4949  
 Deane Lamont  Men's Soccer Volunteer Head Coach  631-4949  
 Chris Jones  Women's Soccer Volunteer Head Coach  631-4949  
 TBD  Men's Volleyball Head Coach  631-4949  
 TBD  Women's Volleyball Head Coach  631-4949  
 Tucker Farrar  Men's Water Polo Head Coach  631-4949  
 Pat Hudgins  Men's Water Polo Volunteer Coach  631-4949  
 Catherine Arroyo  Women's Water Polo Head Coach  631-4949  

 Spirit Directors
 Ken Rettberg  Director of Sports Band  631-4656  
 Cassandra Nguyen  Director of Spirit Teams  631-4656