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Saint Mary's At Gonzaga Postgame Quotes
Release: Wednesday 01/11/2013 
by SMC Athletics

Saint Mary's Head Basketball Coach
Randy Bennett

"It was a game of two halves for us.  I wasn't very pleased with our first half.  Our bigs didn't play very well.  We got in a bad position where we were down 18 at the half.  We are just going to have to get tougher inside.  I just can't see it being any other way.  I told them at halftime it was 100 percent defense.  We were better in the second half.  Kyle Rowley helped us compete.  Beau Levesque.. Mitch Young.. Brad (Waldow) was a little better.  We got (the lead) down and had a shot to tie the game.  We had an open three.

"We were down 20 with 19 and a half minutes to go.  To get it back to where we had a chance to tie it, our guys did a pretty good job.  We competed better in the second half.  We are way too experienced and way too far along to have that halftime conversation - about working hard against a good team.  They are a good team.  You can't come in here  doing what we did defensively in the first half.  It wasn't where it needed to be.

"We weren't satisfied with that.  We were better in the second half.  But, you can't be a one half ballclub and expect to beat a team like this.

"I was proud of Stephen (Holt).  He stepped up, showed  a little leadership and played well.  He actually got us going.  Even (Jordan) Giusti, when he played we cut the lead. We took Dellavedova out and we made a run.  That was with Giusti in.  Holt was making baskets there.  Brad made some baskets.  I thought a lot of guys in the second half did a good job.

"(Dellavedova) has got to make shots.  No excuses.  He is trying.  His attitude is great.  But, you have to play better than that if we are going to win.

"(Kellyu) Olynyk and (Kevin) Pangos are the guys they play off of.  Those are their two best players, along with (Elias) Harris.  That is what you are looking for out of your best players, to step up when you need them.  Olynyk was good.  It wasn't like we didn't know that.  We were ready for him.  We prepared for him.   He just put it to us.  Pangos hit some big shots for them. 

"I remember (Olynyk) from two years ago.  I remember he wasn't very good.  He has improved as much as anybody in college basketball.  We didn't go into the game thinking he couldn't play.  We were prepared for him.    He still did it to us.  He is really improved.  Credit him.  Credit their program.  We brag about it when it happens in our.  They should certainly be in theirs too.  He has done nice work.  He is a totally different player than he used to be."