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MBK | Saint Mary's At BYU - Postgame Quotes
Release: Friday 01/16/2013 
by SMC Athletics

Saint Mary's 70, BYU 69

Randy Bennett Postgame Comments


"We've been there before.  We were down 20 at Gonzaga, the same kind of deal.  This place is... you have to make shots.  I thought we were getting good shots in the first half, early.  They came out on fire.  We just had to keep our composure and weather the storm.  We talked about that.  This place, Gonzaga is the same deal.  They hit you with that initial punch.  You have to survive that punch, then hang around and we did.  Our goal was to get it back down to single digits.  We did that before half.  Then, our goal was to get it down to one possession.  We did that.  Then, to take the lead.  And, we did that.  Our goal was to win, finally.  It was a little dramatic, but we'll take it."

On tactical changes at halftime:  "(We didn't change) too much.  Early on, I thought we got good shots.  We stayed with it.  We didn't panic."

On Dellavedova playing with four fouls:  "My philosophy is a little different than a lot of coaches on that.  I don't think we have a chance to win the game if we don't have Delly in there down the stretch.  No sense in saving him for the last three minutes.  I'd rather have a chance to stay in the game.  I gave him a rest, made sure he was good.  Then we tried putting him on somebody we thought wouldn't draw a foul. Delly is really smart and I trust him on that.  I just know, him on the court is better for us than him off the court."

On the replay of the final shot:  "I was pretty sure (it was good).  But, it was loud in there.  You don't know if what you saw was what you really saw.    I was a little nervous.  But I was pretty sure.  All our coaches were really sure.  And, it went our way."

On the way the team played the final seconds:  "We had a little luck, getting it in there.  That's not Delly's normal shot.  We did everything for those 2.5 seconds right.  We inbounded deep so we could get a decent shot.  We didn't panic on the inbounds.  Haws hit a tough shot.  He was tough down the stretch.    We just kept our composure.  We play those situations out all the time.  But, you have to do it under pressure.  And, they did it under pressure.  We were a little lucky and the shot went in."

On the play of Stephen Holt:  "Holt got us the lead.  Holt was really key during the second half in that stretch.  He has been playing really well as of late.  He's been playing really well since he came back from injury.  A lot of guys contributed.  A lot of guys helped.  We don't get that done without the whole team."

On Delly hitting the buzzer-beater with his parents from Australia in the bleachers:  "First of all, you don't get to play in a place like this when it's packed very often.  That's a dream for guys growing up.  Then, to win in this place.  Then, to hit the last second shot.  It doesn't get any better.  When your parents are from Australia, they don't get to see you all the time and you are a senior...  It was a storybook ending for us and for Matt.  It was awesome."

On maintaining momentum going into next game at Portland:  "We have two games this week.  This was big.  Up at Portland will be a tough game for us.  Our league has been balanced this year.  That's a tough game.  Just like when we had to come back from the Gonzaga game and play USF.  We knew that was going to be tough.  This one is going to be like that, but we have to go on the road.  It is a tough road trip.  This start of our conference was really challenging.  Going to Gonzaga.  Going to BYU.  Then, going to Portland.  Three games of the first five are on the road.  The turnaround on Gonzaga to USF was a tough deal.  So, we'll see if we can make it a really good week."