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MBK | Postgame Quotes From SMC's 87-48 win over Pepperdine
Release: Tuesday 02/27/2013 
by SMC Athletics

Postgame quotes from Saint Mary's 87-48 win over Pepperdine.

Saint Mary's vs. Pepperdine
Malibu, Calif.
Feb. 27, 2013

Head coach Randy Bennett

"You couldn't have told me the game was going to go this way. They had just played well at USF. Our energy was great in warmups. Our guys were very focused for this, but that doesn't guarantee anything."

"I thought Paul (McCoy) gave us a big lift. (Jordan) Giusti did, Paul did. Delly and Holt were really good. We had a lot of guys play well. It was good to see (Matt) Hodgson get some minutes. Kyle and all those guys."

"It was a good win for our team. We're headed in the right direction at the right time of the year. We were good defensively. There were a lot of positives."

"We are playing (McCoy) more and more. It was the most minutes he's played and he played very well. Not 'this is a good story.' He played like a player. That's good for his confidence and good for my confidence in him. He's been good in practice but you've still got to do it in games."

"We, being our team and our staff, have been thinking about this for a while, so we've been trying to enjoy the time together we have down the stretch. That'll be our final home game. It's a special group of seniors. We're trying to take the emotion out of it because it's going to be a tough game. You've got to make sure that's your focus. It'll be a special crowd and hopefully we play well. Last year, we didn't in that game, so this year we're trying to make sure we're ready to play. We want to keep these seniors together as long as we can and the best way to do that is to keep winning."

"(Dellavedova) and Mitch have been here a long time and been part of some pretty special teams. The best way to enjoy it is to play well so we're going to try to play well."