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GOLF | Post Round Quotes -- Round 1, May 15, 2017
Release: Friday 05/15/2017 
by SMC Athletics

Saint Mary's Head Coach Scott Hardy

Opening Statement on today's round:

Hardy: “I thought it was a bit up and down. We started off pretty good, we struggled making the turn, we made a few birdies to get back and then we kind of had a rough finish. Overall, it was pretty good.  We need to get a little more of a team effort and have four good scores. Other than that, it was a pretty good day.”

Q: What did you like most about your team's performance today and what could have been improved?

Hardy: “I think their attitudes were good. I think they did really well. I didn't see anyone get down. They were all grinding, playing hard and I think they focused on our game plan, which we talked about last night in our team meeting.

The rough out here is tough to get out of because it is really high, so you can't hit a few shots in a row into the rough. I saw that a few times today a guy would get into trouble and he wouldn't immediately get out of the trouble. Especially on some of these really long holes, you just got to take your medicine.”

Talking about Round 2 and what the game plan is…

Hardy: “You obviously want to be in position to make that third day really count.  To play each hole as good as we can is the goal. Add them up at the end and see if that is good enough. That will be our game plan and I think if we do that and not get ahead of ourselves, we will have a good chance on the last day to give ourselves the best situation to advance.”

Q: How do you feel about where the team is at the moment?

Hardy: “I feel ok about it. Sometimes when you get yourself into that kind of position, you need to finish it off because the next day maybe you'll struggle a bit and you will look back at the previous day and think you missed an opportunity. I don't that will be the case. I think tomorrow we will play a little smarter when we are out of position and I think that will go a long way to finishing off the round.”

Saint Mary's Junior Pavan Sagoo

Opening thoughts on the round…

Sagoo: “I played solid throughout, but I didn't have my best regarding ball-striking, but such is golf. You will not have it all the time. I didn't hit many fairways or greens. I just chipped well and holed some putts. Just kept the round going and kept it steady today.”

Q: What is something you did well today and could improve from today?

Sagoo: “I saved par quite well. I didn't get too upset when I hit bad shots and as a result, I was able to get up and down more.

For tomorrow, I need to hit better. Today wasn't too solid. Definitely go to the range and figure some things out today. This course is tough and we just got to really trust ourselves.

The wind completely switched. It was a rough finish for us on hole 9. I think the course did play tougher today than yesterday.”

Thoughts on today's round…

Rappleye: “It was a good round today. It was a struggle in the beginning. I missed a few fairways which is usually my strong part. We just grinded and you just got to keep fighting out here. I was really proud of myself of waiting for a few birdies and hanging on at the end.”

Q: What is something you did well and could improve from today? 

Rappleye: “I hit my irons particularly well today. I got up and down with my wedges, irons, so it was my irons today.

I got to work on the driver a little bit right now at the range. I didn't hit the driver too well and missed some opportunities on birdie holes. Missed a few short ones coming so work on my putting also.” 

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