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MBK | Postgame Quotes - UTA 65 SMC 51
Release: Monday 12/08/2016 
by SMC Athletics

Saint Mary’s Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: What did you think of tonight’s game?

Bennett: “We were outplayed, pretty simple. They beat us at every phase. They’re a good team and going into that game I knew they were a good team. I knew it was going to be a tough game. We needed to play well to beat them and we did not play well. Defensively, we weren’t good. Offensively, we weren’t good. Taking care of the ball, we were bad. Rebounding, we were bad. A team like that can beat you if you don’t play one of your better games. You can read into it all you want but I think it just comes to that, they’re good enough and they can beat you. They can beat you [even] if you play well.”

Q: Was their defense the reason for your team’s shooting troubles?

Bennett: “Some of it. Especially the first half, I don’t know why we were playing the way we were. We turned it over 10 times in the first half. So some of it was [their defense]. I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it. We didn’t play well enough against a good team to beat them.”

Q: On the team’s low assist total on the night…

Bennett: “Gotta make shots to get assists and we didn’t shoot well. Emmett [Naar] and Calvin [Hermanson] were pretty much taken out. I don’t know if that was matchups or what but those are two key players for us. They did a good job of taking those guys out. You never know if it’s all them, or some us, I think it’s a little of both.”

Q: Did the eight day gap between games make a difference in tonight’s game?

Bennett: “I didn’t like the game because of that. The biggest deal was that we played a good team and we didn’t play well enough.”

Q: On UTA’s performance…

Bennett: “I think they’re well coached, I think those kids play hard, and they’re a good team. They’re one of the best teams we’ve played. They’re in that category of Dayton and Stanford, I’d say.”