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Athletic Awards

At the end of each academic year, the Saint Mary's College Department of Athletics and Recreation presents a number of awards to deserving SMC student-athletes, coaches, staff members and other friends of the program at its annual Gael Awards Show. Below is a listing of the annual award winners in each category. The George R. McKeon Award winners are presented as the department award winners as the top SMC scholar-athletes at commencement ceremonies each spring.

George R. McKeon Award
2016 Joe Rahon (men's basketball), Erica Musgrave (softball)
2015 Bobby Conner (men's soccer), Hayley Hendricksen (women's basketball)
2014 Justin Howard (men's soccer), Kristina Graven (volleyball)
2013 Matthew Dellavedova (men's basketball), Missy White (volleyball)
2012 Doug Herrick (men's soccer), Molly Aloia (women's tennis)
2011 Jordan Grider (men's soccer), Shannon Lowell (volleyball)
2010 Dylan Leslie (men's soccer), Megan Burton (volleyball)
2009 Mario Mendoza (men's cross country), Sierra Timmer (rowing)
2008 Michael McRae (men's golf), Bronwyn Russell (softball)
2007 Alex Christlieb (men's soccer), Mandy Bible (volleyball)
2006 Michael Johnson (men's soccer), Kaui Salzman (volleyball)
2005 Joe Lanza (men's golf), Lindsey Bogason (volleyball)
2004 Clint Wilson (football), Allegra Porter (women's cross country)
2003 Nathan Frowsing (football), Catalina Fillol (women's tennis)
2002 Nate Brown (football, Katie Davis (women's basketball)
2001 Jed Bodger (football), Karen Holland (women's tennis)

Lasallian Service Award
2016 Women's Basketball
2015 Women's Basketball
2014 Women's Basketball
2013 Women's Basketball
2012 Rowing
2011 Men's Soccer
2010 Lacrosse
2009 Men's Soccer
2008 Rowing
2007 Women's Soccer

Male & Female Athletes of the Year
2016 Corbin Burnes (baseball), Lauren Nicholson (women's basketball)
2015 Andre Rawls (men's soccer), Lauren Nicholson (women's basketball)
2014 Stephen Holt (men's basketball), Jenny Jullien (women's tennis)
2013 Matthew Dellavedova (men's basketball), Jenny Jullien (women's tennis)
2012 Matthew Dellavedova (men's basketball) & Doug Herrick (men's soccer), Jasmine Smith (women's basketball)
2011 Mickey McConnell (men's basketball), Louella Tomlinson (women's basketball)
2010 Omar Samhan (men's basketball), Alita Fisher (volleyball)
2009 Diamon Simpson (men's basketball), Louella Tomlinson (women's basketball)
2008 Diamon Simpson (men's basketball), Jessica Hoath (women's tennis)
2007 Diamon Simpson (men's basketball), Aude Lambert (women's tennis)
2006 Daniel Kickert (men's basketball), Mandy Bible (volleyball)
2005 Daniel Kickert (men's basketball), Mandy Bible (volleyball)

Male & Female Newcomers of the Year
2016 Joe Rahon (men's basketball), Lindsey Knudsen (beach volleyball)
2015 Zach Kirtley (baseball), Stella Beck (women's basketball)
2014 Alex Braman (men's soccer), Jamie Pawid (women's tennis)
2013 Andre Rawls (men's soccer), Kristina Graven (volleyball)
2012 Brad Waldow (men's basketball), Jackie Nared (women's basketball)
2011 Rob Jones (men's basketball), Jordan Marada (women's soccer)
2010 Matthew Dellavedova (men's basketball), Lauren Corp (volleyball) / Catherine Isip (women's tennis)
2009 Troy Channing (baseball), Anna Chkhikvishvilli (women's tennis)
2008 Patrick Mills (men's basketball), Megan York (volleyball) / Louella Tomlinson (women's basketball)
2007 Omar Samhan (men's basketball), Molly Bergeson (softball)
2006 Diamon Simpson (men's basketball), Jontelle Smith (women's basketball)
2005 Brian Mason (men's soccer), Missie Stidham (volleyball)
2004 Matt Fitzgerald (men's soccer), Mandy Bible (volleyball)
2003 Daniel Kickert (men's basketball), Kate Harden (women's tennis)
2002 Greg Kavulich (football), Katie Frattone (women's soccer)
2001 Andre Coleman (football), Corrie Mizusawa (women's basketball)

Male Individual Performance of the Year
2016 Jonathan De Los Reyes (men's golf) at WCC Championships
2015 Andre Rawls (men's soccer) at Washington
2014 Cameron Neff (baseball) at CSU Fullerton
2013 Matthew Dellavedova (men's basketball) at BYU
2012 Trevor Newquist (men's soccer) vs. Brown
2011 Mickey McConnell (men's basketball)
2010 Omar Samhan (men's basketball) vs. Villanova
2009 Patrick Mills (men's basketball) vs. Davidson
2008 Joel Kusnierz (men's tennis) vs. Pepperdine
2007 Mike McRae (men's golf) at USF Triumph & Dylan Leslie (men's soccer) vs. San Diego
2006 Daniel Kickert (men's basketball) at Portland
2005 Paul Marigney (men's basketball) vs. Gonzaga

Female Individual Performance of the Year
2016 Dalas Dodd/Lindsey Knudsen (beach volleyball) vs. Pepperdine
2015 Shannon Mauldin (women's basketball) vs. Hawai'i
2014 Sarah Lira (softball) at California
2013 Kristina Graven (volleyball) vs. San Diego State
2012 Jasmine Smith (women's basketball) vs. Oregon
2011 Alex Poorta (women's tennis) vs. Cal
2010 Shannon Lowell (volleyball) vs. San Diego
2009 Louella Tomlinson (women's basketball) vs. San Francisco
2008 Megan Galloway (softball) vs. Hawai'i
2007 Mandy Bible (volleyball) vs. Santa Clara

Team Performance of the Year
2016 Male - Golf at WCC Championships
Female - Women's Basketball at Cal Tournament
2015 Male - Men's Soccer at Washington
Female - Women's Tennis vs. Pepperdine
2014 Male - Baseball at CSU Fullerton
Female - Volleyball vs. BYU
2013 Male - Men's Golf at WCC Championships
Female - Women's Tennis at Stanford
2012 Male – Men's Basketball vs. Gonzaga; Men's Soccer at UC Irvine
Female – Women's Basketball at Gonzaga
2011 Men's Basketball at Gonzaga
2010 Men's Basketball vs. Villanova
2009 Volleyball vs. San Diego
2008 Softball vs Fresno State
2007 Baseball vs. Oregon State

Brother Agnon Coach of the Year
2016 Eric Valenzuela, baseball
2015 Paul Thomas, women's basketball
2014 Paul Thomas, women's basketball
2013 Scott Hardy, men's golf
2012 Adam Cooper, men's soccer
2011 Randy Bennett, men's basketball
2010 Lisa Alipaz (women's tennis) & Rob Browning (volleyball)
2009 Rob Browning, volleyball
2008 Scott Hardy, men's golf
2007 Lisa Alipaz, women's tennis
2006 Rob Browning, volleyball
2005 Randy Bennett, men's basketball
2004 Scott Hardy, men's golf
2003 Randy Bennett, men's basketball
2002 Tim Landis (football) & Paul Ratcliffe (women's soccer)
2001 Michelle Jacoby (women's basketball)
2000 Paul Ratcliffe (women's soccer)

Todd Ogorzelec Student Employee of the Year
2016 Justin Traille, game operations
2015 Danny Baladi, strength & conditioning
2014 Amanda Collins, game operations
2013 Jazmin Guinto, Gael Force
2012 Jonathan Russell, athletic communications
2011 Ashley Oestreich, ticket operations
2010 Kyle Doctor, game operations
2009 Ali DelaMontaigne & Cristina Katsaris

Mike Gibbons Volunteer of the Year
2016 Devon Bridges, softball
2015 Haley McCollough, student services & ticket operations
2014 Daniel Costanza, baseball
2013 Zack Masters, women's soccer
2012 John Gerald Roberts, event operations
2011 Leilani Wagner, marketing
2010 Kevin Brady, event operations
2009 Dimitri Magganas, event operations
2008 Dr. Chad Roghair, sports medicine
2007 Mark Alexander, sports information
2006 Eran Ganot, men's basketball
2005 Lon Rork, men's basketball
2004 John James, sports medicine
2003 Mike Samuels, sports information
2002 Jim McDermott
2001 Bill Nichols
2000 Dick Callahan

Highest Team Grade Point Average
2016 Women's Cross Country
2015 Women's Cross Country
2014 Volleyball
2013 Volleyball
2012 Women's Cross Country
2011 Men's Cross Country
2010 Men's Golf
2009 Women's Tennis
2008 Women's Tennis
2007 Women's Tennis
2006 Women's Tennis
2005 Women's Tennis
2004 Women's Tennis
2003 Men's Tennis
2002 Men's Tennis
2001 Rowing

Gael Cup
2016 Men's Basketball
2015 Men's Soccer
2014 Sand Volleyball
2013 Men's Basketball
2012 Men's Basketball
2011 Men's Basketball
2010 Men's Basketball
2009 Men's Basketball
2008 Men's Basketball
2007 Women's Tennis
2006 Volleyball
2005 Volleyball
2004 Men's Golf

Bryan Vargas Spirit Award
2016 Michael Flood
2015 Derek Marks
2014 Sister Dolores Montini
2013 Collin Pugh
2012 Bill Lee
2011 Ted Tsukahara
2010 Tod Fierner
2009 Michael Viola
2008 Ed Tywoniak
2007 Bill Lee
2006 John Leykam
2005 Matt Carroll & Joe Kehoe
2004 John Leykam
2003 Steve Jacoby
2002 Mark Orr
2001 Ron Turner

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