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CHAMPS/Life Skills Program

The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was created to support student-athlete development and enhance the student-athlete experience. The five components of the program are:

Academic Excellence

Athletic Excellence

Personal Development

Career Development

Community Service


A number of services are provided to support your academic effort:
Academic Advising- all aspects of academic advising for students are handled through the office of Academic Advising, which is located on the 1st floor of Augustine Hall. This includes services and information regarding advisors, planning work sheets, advising handbooks, peer advisors, first-year seminars, and off-campus study abroad programs. Their phone number is 631-4349.

Additional academic advising is available through the Office of Academic and Student Support Services for student-athletes. The purpose of this office is to compliment the mission of Saint Mary's College by assisting all student-athletes with achieving in the classroom. Services like monitoring academic progress, contacting faculty members when appropriate, answering questions about degree and class progress, presenting workshops on study skills and time management topics, and developing individual study plans are offered. Additional programs include managing stress and other challenges you might face as a student-athlete and assisting all members of the Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports in understanding College, WCC and NCAA rules, regulations and policies that relate to academic progress.

An advisor's signature is required to add and drop classes. Please note that once a semester begins, all student-athletes should consult their athletic academic advisor before making any changes in their academic schedule. Failure to verify the impact of a schedule change could produce violations of NCAA and WCC rules regarding full-time enrollment. All student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 3.5 credits at all times in order to be eligible for practice and competition.

It is the responsibility of each student-athlete considering a schedule change to learn the consequences of it in advance. Student-athletes must consult their athletic academic advisor prior to making any changes to their schedule.

All entering student-athletes should attend the College's general orientation. It provides the best possible overview of campus life and all available services. The Office of Academic and Student Support Services provides opportunities for supervised study hall. An individual's attendance requirement is determined by the Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services in consultation with the head coach, faculty advisors, and other campus offices, if necessary. Study sessions will be supervised by a trained Learning Facilitator, and will feature workshops on various critical study skills. These will include note taking, time management, goal setting, library research techniques and generally developing strategies for academic success at Saint Mary's.

All students at Saint Mary's College are eligible to receive free of charge tutoring services, which are provided through the Tutorial and Academic Skills Center. If a student-athlete needs a tutor, he/she should contact their athletic academic advisor as soon as possible so the advisor can arrange for tutoring through TASC.

The Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports is committed to providing all student-athletes with equal athletics opportunities. This is achieved by complying with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a federal civil rights statute that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs, including athletic programs that receive or benefit from federal funding. The Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports is also striving to continue to increase diversity amongst all student-athletes, coaches, and staff.

In addition to sponsoring 14 Intercollegiate sports programs and 8 club sports, the Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports sponsors a comprehensive strength and conditioning program complete with facilities to support the Division I student-athlete. Twelve of the College's fourteen teams compete in the extremely competitive West Coast Conference (WCC). Formed in 1952, Saint Mary's College was a charter member of the WCC. The Conference now has eight member institutions that span the western coast of the United States. The Conference recognizes championships in each of its sports, has hosted NCAA championship events and has produced several NCAA individual and team champions.

Throughout the academic year, many programs will be presented offering student-athletes opportunities for personal development. The program subjects include topics such as drug and alcohol awareness, values clarification, self-esteem, eating disorders, substance abuse, nutrition, loss and grief, and others. If you would like to see a particular program offered, contact the office of the Academic and Student Support Services at 631-4699.

Additionally, a number of leadership opportunities are offered to student-athletes. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) meets regularly with the leadership of the Department of Athletics and Recreational Sports to discuss issues directly affecting the quality of experience student-athletes receive. This committee has two members from each team and representatives are responsible for communicating information to their teammates. If you would like to participate, please ask your head coach.

The Career Development Center is located in Ferroggiaro Hall. The office assists students with career planning and job placement services: internship placements, on- campus recruitment for full-time positions, individual and small group career counseling, career interest and personality self assessments, job-related skill development workshops, resume writing workshops, interviewing skills workshops, vocational testing, information on different career paths, job search strategies, graduate and professional studies, pre-law counseling, as well as non-profit and volunteer service opportunities. Patty Bishop is the Director of the Career Development Center and the office can be reached at 631-4600.

The benefits of community service for the student-athlete are many. Personal and social growth results from working with others. A community service commitment allows a student-athlete to reach outside of the Saint Mary's community and realize their relation with the rest of the world. Saint Mary's College of California is committed to service learning in a variety of ways. For opportunities, contact your coach or the office of Academic and Student Support Services at 631-4699.

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