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Compliance - Reporting a Violation

In accordance with NCAA regulations, all athletic violations of Saint Mary's College will be investigated. If the Compliance Officer discovers that a violation has occurred, the involved party(ies), the Athletic Director, and the Faculty Athletic Representative will be notified immediately for reporting to the NCAA Enforcement Division.

A. Who May Report A Violation
1. Any individual (e.g., athletic department staff members, student-athlete, university employee, member of the community) may report an alleged, rumored or suspected violation.
2. The individual may report the alleged, rumored, or suspected violation verbally or in writing. He/she may submit an alleged violation anonymously.

B. To Whom Shall an Alleged Violation be Reported
1. If an alleged or rumored violation is conveyed to any athletic department staff member, the staff member is required by NCAA regulations to immediately notify the Athletic Director or Compliance Officer of the violation.
2. Individuals other than athletic department staff members may report an alleged violation to the Director of Compliance at or (925) 631-4956.

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