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MBK | Postgame Quotes - Saint Mary's 85 Saint Francis 68

Nov. 11, 2017

Saint Mary's guard Emmett Naar

Q: Did Saint Francis force a faster tempo or did the Gaels simply want to play faster?
Naar: "I think it's a bit of both. They're a pretty small team, they play with four guards, so they're going to make you quicker. I think they tried to speed us up but one thing we talked about is that we want to play fast. I think last year we were the fourth slowest team in the country. We think we are good offensively and are an efficient team, so we want more possessions, it's just logical to score more."

Q: On what changed after a close first 14 minutes
Naar: "Our defense. We were having a hard time stopping them and that's got to be our identity. We lost Joe [Rahon] and Dane [Pineau] who both could have been defensive player of the year. That is where we have to get to and work on - stopping the other team because we know we can score."

Saint Mary's forward Calvin Hermanson

Q: On what changed in the second half...
Hermanson: "We need to focus on defense, that's what we talked about at halftime. We were giving them high percentage field goals, so that's what we were focused on in the second half. That first run in the second half, we did a good job. That's where we separated and we went from there."

Q: On if he knew he was 9-9 from the field to start the game...
Hermanson: "I wasn't keeping track so I probably fall under the category of not really knowing. I was just trying to shoot the best shot for us on offense and trying to find the open man. Tonight I hit shots, it could be any of us the next night."

Q: On the excitement of playing the first game after eight months off...
Hermanson: "Man, we were excited. Everyone was excited to play against someone other than ourselves. We've been beating ourselves up so it was nice to go out there and put on a good show for everybody and get a win."

Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: On Calvin Hermanson's performance...
Bennett: "That's Calvin. He can get it going, he's usually pretty steady. He shot well all night and I thought he did a good job defensively too."

Q: On the Gaels' fast tempo of play tonight...
Bennett: "We can definitely play faster. When you play against the bigger teams, it's harder to get good shots. I think our personnel makes us a little faster and we can shoot, and that enables you to play fast."

Q: On the team's overall performance...
Bennett: "I didn't think we were very good defensively, we definitely have to improve. Offensively we were very efficient and we were good on the boards. It was good for us to play them because they're good offensively and exposed some things, especially our on-ball defensive coverage."

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