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Postgame Quotes - Saint Mary's 74, Pacific 56

Jan. 4, 2018

Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: Emmett Naar was one assist shy from the school record, what are your thoughts on that...
Bennett: “Pretty impressive. I didn’t even know it. He did a great job with 15 assists in the game. Emmett makes winning plays and you don't really notice until the end of the game. This guy was a pretty big factor in tonight’s game. That is how he is, he is a sneaky-killer.”

Q: Thoughts on turnovers…
Bennett: “We have been struggling there a little bit. We struggled at BYU with them and games before that. We need to get better there. We tightened it up in the second half, we only had two turnovers, which puts us in the right direction.”

Q: Thoughts on San Diego’s defense being one of the top teams in the WCC…
Bennett: “They are good. It'll be a good game. I think they are grindy defensively, and offensively, so we have to be ready for one of those games. We know they are one of those teams that has risen into that top half of the league. We understand that and know it'll be a tough game. We are looking forward to it along with playing tough teams.”

Forward Evan Fitzner

Q: Emmett Naar had 15 assists, what went through your mind?
Fitzner: “That is just what he does, he’s un unbelievable passer and it is kind of what we expect him to do at this point. It is a lot of fun playing with someone like that.”

Q: Naar is one off the school records for assists, how does that register?
Fitzner: “He’s had a great career here, we just have to see if he can finish it out. He’s not someone who would care a whole lot about something like this, but it is cool for us to be able to play with a guy like that. It’s pretty exciting.”

Q: I bet you’re disappointed with being out of the starting lineup as of December, but it seems like the last two games have been the best games you’ve played all season. Is this true?
Fitzner: Yeah, I’d say so. It was a little upsetting, but I want to be there for the team. I want to do whatever I can to help them win. Coach is pushing me to play better defense and to rebound better. I’m just trying to do that every game.”

Q: One thing coach stresses is taking care of the ball, and the first half you guys were uncharacteristically careless, what did he tell you at halftime?
Fitzner: “I think we struggled with that the whole game, but that was definitely something we focused on during halftime. Coach talked about it and we played it out in the second half pretty good.”

Guard Emmett Naar
Q: I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but you are one assist shy of a school record tonight, did you know it?
Naar: “No, I didn’t really know what the school record was [16] and I assume Delly has that.”

Q: Did you know it was a guy named Ray Orgil [against Southern Utah on Dec. 3, 1980]?
Naar: “I didn’t know that, but I mean, I was just throwing to guys like Fitzner and he’d make a play so it was pretty easy.”

Q: There are very few guys out there who are averaging as many assists as you do, how much of that is due to the style of play you guys have and how much of it is you?
Naar: “I think a lot of it would go to our offense and the way we play. Jock seems to draw a lot of attention so if he’s not open one of our shooters are, and we practice that everyday. So just being able to be an assistant. The ball is in my hands quite a lot, so when it is, it is going to happen.”

Q: One thing that doesn’t normally happen for you guys a lot, but happened quite a bit in the first half is turnovers... what did Coach say at half time?
Naar: “Having played nine at the half, which is what we average most games, he stressed that we have to get the ball up more in the second half, get it to the rim to get a chance.”

Q: Going into Saturday, you guys have one of the best offenses in the country. San Diego going into tonight was leading in the conference in depense points, defense three point field goal percentages, and overall field goal percentages. What’s it going to be for the Gaels, a really good offense or a really good defense?
Naar: “It will be a fun challenge, that’s for sure, we will have to see.”



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