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Postgame Quotes - No. 16/18 Saint Mary's 75, BYU 62

Jan. 25, 2018

Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: How did the Aussies play on Aussie night?
Bennett: “They played like they do on most nights. Calvin didn’t get it going like usual but Jock played more than his arm, but that is obviously how we play. Tanner has been playing well and I thought Fitz played really well for us.”

Q: How do you feel about this team tying the record set by the 2008-2009 team with Patty Mills, Diamond and Omar?
Bennett: “That’s the first I’ve known of it. This run of it has been mostly under the radar so a team having a streak like that hasn’t felt like that. The talk of the streak, the pressure of the streak none of that has been relevant which has been nice. We don’t really talk about it. We talk about getting better. It’s hard to get a team like that, but this team is really good at doing what they need to do and getting their goals.”

Q: What do you think about Jock hitting the 3-pointer?
Bennett: “That’s the one 3-pointer he should shoot because he was wide open and there was one second left on the clock. It helped a lot. ”

Forward Jock Landale
Q: Did this double-double come easy for you tonight?
Landale: “No not at all. Yoeli [Childs] is a great player, not to mention they bring four other guys off the bench to run against me. It’s really tough playing against BYU, all of their bigs are really physical and they’re going to make it a challenge every single night, but tonight it went my way, so it was good.”

Q: How have you guys won the last three games, what helps you guys close it out?
Landale: “It comes with experience and it is just something that we pride ourselves on. We pride ourselves on composure for 40 minutes. We’ve had to work on it throughout the season, and tonight we got some big stops down the stretch. They hit a few at the end, but we just try not to get rattled. At the end of the day it is a 40 minute game and anything can happen within those 40 minutes. So we just try to stay composed and stay together as a team.”

Q: Do you know Diamond, Omar, and Patty well, and were you aware that you just tied their streak? (Of 15 straight wins)
Landale: “I know Diamond and Omar pretty well, not so much Patty, but good guys. What streak? What streak was that? Oh for real? Well there you go, that was a pretty good team, so hopefully we can keep it rolling. We have a big game against Portland on Saturday and they are nothing to forget about. We are going to get ready for that game and hopefully we can push it out to 16."

Q: Did you feel like you could have your way inside?
Landale: “Not really. They are really good defensively and my shots went down and tonight they utilized me a lot, but other guys were hitting shots on the perimeter. Our guys do a great job of hitting threes when we need them and they did that tonight.”

Q: Is it fun to win on Australia night?
Landale: “It is always great to win on Australia night and it is always great to win for starters. It was good fun.”

Guard Emmett Naar

Q: What did you think of Jock’s performance?
Naar: “It’s ridiculous. He’s been doing it all year. Look at the stat sheet, he’ll have 30 and 15. For most players that would be unbelievable, but he’s done it so many times that it’s taken for granted a little bit.”

Q: These last three games haven’t been easy. How have you guys been able to pull out games?
Naar: “Just staying composed and sticking to what we do. It’s a 40 minute game for a reason, and we just keep doing what we do and trust the system and hope it goes our way. Usually teams get tired towards the end, so we can pull away."

Q: Do you take pride in the fact that you assisted Jock on his first three of the year?
Naar: “I was a bit scared when I saw him out there to be honest, but he shoots them well. He shot more of them last year, but I don’t think it was a good percentage. We’d rather have him inside where he shoots 70 percent, but we’ll take that one.”



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