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Postgame Quotes - No. 13/14 Saint Mary's 79, San Francisco 43

Feb. 1, 2018

Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: The first half, they doubled Jock [Landale] a lot and then found guys on the outside who made shots, the second half they stopped doing that and he took over. Is it as simple as that?
Bennett: “Pretty much, it’s pretty much how we play. You know however they decide to play Jock, we play accordingly and that’s what they did. Besides turning the ball over in the first half, he played pretty well and I was pretty happy with that. He’s a pretty unselfish player for a guy who scores as many as he does.”

Q: You guys haven’t lost in over two months. I know coaches always talk about the next day or the next game. Can you sit back and think about how much you’ve enjoyed the past two plus months?
Bennett: “No not really. The reason we haven’t lost is because we stay focus on the task at hand and that’s the only way I think you can do it. Being a good competitor you have to think about how good you can get focused on the next game and doing your job. Getting the whole team on that is a challenge because there are distractions.”

Q: They bought into that mind streak right? We talk to them about streaks and they all say it’s no big deal.
Bennett: “Like I told you when the streak happened, I don’t think any of us knew. I think we knew that we were doing well and that we’ve won a lot of games in a row, but it’s never been discussed. And now that it is, we have to deal with it and we just want to win a league championship. That’s our goal, that’s what we want to do, and we’re just trying to see how good we can be.”

Center Jock Landale

Q: Did you get a sense after your first half that you would be able to come out with such a strong second like you did?
Landale: “Our guys were hitting every single three-pointer, so we just tried to just keep going with that because we knew they’d have to adjust in the second half to all the threes that we were hitting, so I felt that I’d probably take on a bigger scoring role.”

Q: USF played Gonzaga tough, twice. How come it wasn’t the same tonight?
Landale: “I think we just did a really great job on the defensive end, and we were able to keep them off the boards as well. We were able to hit our threes and get to the rack a little bit as well, and everything just went well tonight.”

Q: How encouraging is it that you guys really haven’t had a hiccup yet this season?
Landale: “It is encouraging, but we can’t take it for granted. We have to come out every night and compete, and that’s our biggest thing. We know that if we do, things will go our way and then if they don’t, at least we know we gave it our best.”

Q: Could you sense towards the end of the first half and the second half that they felt it wasn’t going to be their night?
Landale: “We try not to think about that, because they could turn a corner just like that. They’ve got some great shooters on the team, and I feel like we did a good job of not letting that get in our heads and playing our game.”

Guard Tanner Krebs

Q: It seemed like you guys had the three point shooting really going and then when they closed out you could just give the ball to Jock down low.
Krebs: “It’s a pretty easy game when it comes to that. Jock did a great job in the first half finding our perimeter guys like Calvin [Hermanson] and myself. I think having a big man willing to pass the ball like Jock does makes the game so much easier for us. We did a great job making the adjustment in the second half. They weren’t doubling as much, they were guarding the perimeter more, and Jock was able to go to work tonight. We played a great game.”

Q: Jock had 18 of your first 20 points over a stretch in the first and second halves. Have you seen Jock more dominant?
Krebs: “He played a great game. He’s been so consistent all year. Tonight he really stepped up big in the second half and we were able to blow the game out. A lot of it was him. It was him being able to score the ball.

Q: Did you take more satisfaction off of the assist to Jock between two guys than you do for the three pointers that you made?
Krebs: “I was just happy he got the ball and I didn’t turn the ball over. It was nice to get the ball through to him and him able to score. We were on a good run then, and the adrenaline of that run kind of got me going a little bit.”



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