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Postgame Quotes - No. 11/12 Gonzaga 78, Saint Mary's 65

Feb. 10, 2018

Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: How much different was it when they doubled and tried to cover threes compared to other competitors?
Bennett: “They didn’t cover our threes. They doubled and for whatever reason we weren't able to adjust to it right away. We had to make our threes. I thought they played really well. They came out and hit three tough 3-point shots to start out. They played very well. We didn't have our A game and there were a number of guys who didn’t play well for us.”

Q: Thoughts on overall team’s performance?
Bennett: “When Jock [Landale] is thrown out, other guys have to make plays. I thought Jock competed. He took what they gave them. He did his job. But we didn't do our job on the boards. Guys have to make shots and make plays. Early on I didn't think we moved the ball well. Bottom line, we have starters that need to play well. To win that game at that level, playing a top-15 team we have to play well. I do think we handled the double-team alright.”

Center Jock Landale

Q: Talk about what they were able to do defensively and make things difficult for you?
Landale: “They took us off the three and they doubled us in the post. It is something that we need to work our way around. We can’t let them take us out of the game like that.”

Q: There were teams that have doubled you and you were pretty effective getting the ball out of the double team and getting the threes. Why were you not able to do that tonight?
Landale: “I thought that we did that to be honest. We got the ball out, we moved it around, and we got great shots every time. Some of those didn’t drop in, that happens every now and then, that’s the game of basketball. It’s not like we didn’t do a good job of getting the ball out of the double and getting passes, shots just weren’t dropping.”

Q: What did Randy say to you guys after the game?
Landale: “That we have work to do. We need guys to step up in big games like that and we can’t shy out from a big stage. That is not what Saint Mary’s is about. Some of us have to do a better job at that.”

Guard Jordan Ford

Q: Can you talk about the difficulty you guys had getting the ball to Jock tonight and what they did defensively?
Ford: “They sent a double team for the guy who is supposed to set the splits and it gave us a little bit of a tough time and we just have to move the ball.”

Q: In the past when teams have done that, he’s been able to kick it out and you guys were able to get it to the rim. But tonight that just wasn’t the case, what happened?
Ford: “Yeah they definitely took us off the three and the shots we did have, we just couldn’t get them to fall, but that’s what happens when you shoot threes it’s just unpredictable.”

Q: What happened early in the game when they were able to jump on you early and give a big gap that you guys could not get over?
Ford: “They came out and hit us in the mouth. They hit their threes and they got a big lead on us early. After that it was just hard to fix that.”



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