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MBK | No. 22/20 Saint Mary's 67, Santa Clara 40

Feb. 24, 2018

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Heach Coach Randy Bennett

Q: Thoughts on what Jordan [Ford] brings to the team when he’s attacking the basket?
Bennett: “That’s like a third punch that we have to have, and that’s what Jordan Ford brings to the table with Emmett [Naar] who’s a little banged up. He makes plays and gets others involved.”

Q: Has the third punch been more consistent throughout the whole season?
Bennett: “No, I think we are still evolving and that’s what Jordan Ford is giving us when Calvin [Hermanson] doesn’t have the ball that much.”

Q: What was it like coaching on Senior Day?
Bennett: “We were off today early on and we weren’t scoring as much and that was probably from all the nerves and emotions from senior day. You have to be ready to complete. There is still the conference championship and NCAA tournament”.

Q: Thoughts on if the team still needs to make a statement to get into the NCAA tournament?
Bennett: “Absolutely. Just like two years were 27-5 and we still didn’t get in, so we just have to play our best.”

Q: Thoughts on the seniors; Calvin Hermanson, Emmett Naar and Jock Landale?
Bennett: “They have done a great job of being unselfish and playing as a team. That’s something very hard for players to do sometimes.”

Center Jock Landale

Q: With Jordan [Ford] and Emmett [Naar] driving to the hoop and the other guys attacking the basket, how did that impact the game?
Landale: “It’s a lot tougher to guard us and those guys were really good at getting shots on the rim. One thing that we can work on is that when they put it up on the rim. First off they are going to finish their layups. If they don’t it opens it up for guys to get offensive rebounds, so it makes us tougher to guard and doesn't make us so one dimensional. It helps us a lot.”

Q: Some people say that it is hard to play during Senior Day because there are a lot of emotions, was it hard for you today?
Landale: “No not really, I think we all did a really good job of just blocking it out. We don't want to play another home game, we want to stay out of the NIT (National Invitational Tournament). We knew that this was going to be a tough game and these guys have done a good job against other teams in the past. Luckily we were able to get out in front of them and stay out in front of them. We weren't too worried about the senior day thing, but it was nice having everyone in town supporting us.”

Q: At the end of the game did you sit back and look at where you were four years ago?
Landale: “Yeah a little bit. It’s crazy to see where everyone comes from then to now. It's been a lot of fun, but I think we are ready to pass the baton on to other guys after we have finished our season.”

Q: What things can be improved on going forward?
Landale: “There are a couple things we could do better but the biggest thing is to defend like we did tonight. I think we did a really good job defensively and that is something that we have to carry over into the Vegas tournament.”

Q: Looking back 25 years from now, what will you remember about Senior Day?
Landale: “I am just thankful for everything that the coaches have done for me. These guys have just done a good job of helping me through the down patches and keeping me level headed through the ups. I think I am going to remember how the coaches treated me, how I want to stay - I want to stay humble.”



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