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Postgame Quotes - No. 22/20 Saint Mary's 69, Pepperdine 66

March 4, 2018

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Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: Opening Statement…
Bennett: “We will take it. It wasn’t pretty, but we will take the win. Pepperdine has been playing well. It was a tough game. There was a lot of pressure on us. I wasn’t particularly happy with how we played, but I was happy with how our guys stayed together and stayed the course. Our seniors stepped up when we needed them to and we were able to escape.”

Q: What was the biggest difference between Pepperdine from the regular season compared to tonight?
Bennett: “They are playing off mismatches and that is what they are doing different. It puts Jock [Landale] in a situation where he has to guard Darnell [Dunn]. They’ve gotten their better scorers out there.”

Q: Thoughts on Jordan Ford’s performance…
Bennett: “We did not start out well. Jordan [Ford] had an impressive performance after breaking through a flu. We were down 16 points and he started making baskets and plays. He was guarding their best player the entire game. He bailed us out in the first half. Jock was pretty steady and Calvin bailed us out in the end. If we are going to advance in this tournament we are going to have to play better.”

Q: How has BYU changed this year as opposed to last year in the Semifinals?
Bennett: “They have changed defensively and offensively. They play more deliberate. They played more up tempo before, but they have improved defensively. We haven't seen them since January.”

Center Jock Landale

Q: Did you expect a game like this with Pepperdine being the No. 10 seed and based off the season they have had?
Landale: “This is something we have to expect because our conference this year is a lot more competitive. We should've done a way better job at expecting them to play their best game and they played pretty decent overall. We can’t ever come into a game expecting things to be easy for us.”

Q: What did they do tonight to hold you to 10 attempts?
Landale: “They doubled off Emmett [Naar], but teams have done that before. We embrace that, we have nothing wrong with that. Calvin [Hermanson] started hitting shots down the stretch for us. If teams do that, that is fine by us. Tonight I think we did well in the second half.”

Forward Calvin Hermanson

Q: Talk about the sequence making three 3s in a row?
Hermanson: “Like coach said we needed to stay together and keep believing. Grind through the storm and from there shots ended up going down in the end. Everyone was staying positive around me and I just kept shooting.”



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