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Postgame Quotes - BYU 85, No. 19/20 Saint Mary's 72

March 5, 2018

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Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: Coach, Jock really hurt BYU in the first two games but Emmett also has been a factor, although he didn’t seem to be too much of that tonight. Can you point to why that is?
Bennett: “You’re going to get the on-ball penetration, or you get the roll, or you put it in the post, which they did tonight, and you get open threes. We have to be able to knock down the shots.
I thought Jock did what he could do. I thought Emmett did okay, he did what he was supposed to do. We needed guys to step up and hit some shots and we just need more contribution.”

Q: In regards to the defense, what was the difference tonight?
Bennett: “Our defense has been holding teams to 40-41 percent and tonight we were 60 percent, so we were not very good defensively. I don’t know why. Just got to have a better effort. We got out hustled, I think we gave up ten points alone on just hustle plays on transition. We would turnover the ball, we would come back and then we would get out run. You gotta hustle and not give teams easy baskets. Yoeli Childs played really well. Jock was in foul trouble, which definitely affected us a little bit.”

“The thing we can control is defense on the court, and we did not do that tonight. We were not even close to being at the top of our game defensively.”

Q: 28-5, have you done enough you believe to make the NCAA tournament and any thoughts there?
Bennett: “You win 28 games and are the second winningest team in the country. You have a team that plays in the national championship game last year in our league and we were one game behind them. What we can control is winning, and we’ve done that at a very, very high level. It is hard to win 28 games, it’s hard to only lose five games. And very few teams do that.”

Q: What would you like to see your guys do between now and Selection Sunday?
Bennett: “Get rested. Naar is still playing on a bum wheel, so get him all the way back. Get Ford healthy. We gotta get our mojo back. We got beat, and that doesn't happen often, so we need our confidence back and to feel like we deserve it.”

“We have no control. I feel good about it, let’s get healthy and get a few practices and get ready to play whenever we get the next chance again.”

Center Jock Landale

Q: We are not used to seeing a team shoot 60 percent against you. What did they do so well on offense tonight?
Landale: “We went away from our defensive principles and it hurt us a lot. We can’t do that in big games like these because we know there is a lot on the line. But that’s the way it played out, we didn’t follow our defensive principles well enough and guys got loose on us.”

Q: How much did the foul trouble affect your aggressiveness and what you wanted to do on both ends of the floor?
Landale: “Yeah it affects it and that’s something I can’t do. Every loss we’ve had, I have been in foul trouble, so I gotta stay out of foul trouble and stop making silly plays. I think there was a couple that didn’t go my way tonight. I have to understand that in order for us to win, I can’t be getting in foul trouble. We have a lot of weapons on this team but it’s something I can’t do.”

Q: What was BYU doing to keep you off the boards?
Landale: “They were blocking me out like any good basketball team would do. I have to go after rebounds a lot better. But our guys were cleaning up the boards decently so I just got to be better on being more aggressive on rebounding.”

Point Guard Jordan Ford

Q: We are not used to seeing a team shoot 60 percent against you. What did they do so well on offense tonight?
Ford: “I don’t think it was so much what they did, but we just have to play a lot tougher than we did tonight. We got to play tougher and dig down deep and make sure we get stops. It starts with one stop at a time.”



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