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MBK | Postgame Quotes — Saint Mary's 92 New Mexico State 74

Nov. 13, 2017

Recap |  Final Stats

Saint Mary’s guard Emmett Naar

Q: It looks like on this year’s team, you’ll have to be more of a scorer with less established guys on the roster. Is that how you look at your role?
Naar: “Not really, just taking what the defense gives me. Now that I’m playing point guard more, I have more opportunities, but tonight’s game was different than the opener because I had more scoring opportunities. I feel like that’ll change game by game.”

Q: How does having Jock in and able to play freely affect the flow of the team?
Naar: “It makes it a lot easier because we can just throw it in and space the floor. It just changes the game because there’s so much attention on him and it frees the rest of us up for open looks.”

Saint Mary’s center Jock Landale

Q: On his early foul trouble...
Landale: “Yeah, I’m just getting used to how they’re calling fouls this year. I have to get better at staying out of foul trouble and cut back on silly mistakes so I’m not out there for only eight minutes.”

Q: Is it on the current veterans to carry the load with the loss of last year’s senior class?
Landale: “We don’t feel desperate to carry the load, we’re more focused on keeping the other guys calm and make sure they’re focused when they come in. We have been up at the top of the score sheet over the first two games, but the guys behind us are more than capable.”

Head coach Randy Bennett

Q: Emmett Naar commented that his role hasn’t changed, but he was much more of a scorer in the first half. Is that due to a lack of experience outside the vets?
Bennett: “Emmett played well. He takes what the defense gives him. If he can score, he’ll score, and he’ll find the open man if you send people at him. He’s much more healthy than he was coming into last year. He’s a different athlete this time around.”

Q: On New Mexico State and how the game went...
Bennett: “They’re pretty good. You want to get tested early, and I feel that it was the first time we had some real adversity. They did a great job with the new guys that they had, and I respect their program. Our guys kept our composure, and got back in front, and then in the second half we played a much more rounded game. We needed the win to show us that we could weather the adversity and we got great minutes from a lot of other guys like Jordan Hunter and Jock Perry to help us get the win.”



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