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Postgame Quotes — Saint Mary's 76 Cal State Fullerton 59

Nov. 15, 2017

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Gaels’ center Jock Landale

Q: You had two early fouls tonight, as you did last night. What was going on?
Landale: “I just got to get smarter on defense, I can’t give up silly fouls like that. It hurts the team and it hurts me, but we came out with the win.”

Q: On the rest of the team picking up the slack with him out…
Landale: “We’re a team. If it was one of the other guys, I’d be picking them up. I appreciate the guys getting around me and picking me up, and it’s part of the identity we’ve built. We’re a tight team.”

Q: What did you gain from playing a speedy team like that?
Landale: “You’re going to get a variety of teams in college basketball, so it was nice to play against something different, something new. There’s gonna be teams like that in our conference and bigger teams and slower ones so it’s just something we have to get used to.”

Gaels’ forward Calvin Hermanson

Q: On how the team began playing better in the second half...
Hermanson: “Defense. They turn the ball over a lot, and that’s what got us the lead in the first half. We gave up a high percentage from the field though, which we’ve been doing the first three games, but we came out in the second and held them to 30%, so it got a lot better.”

Q: On stopping Fullerton’s penetrating offense...
Hermanson: “We knew they weren’t going to be a great shooting team coming in and that’s where they’d get their points. We have to work on taking away what teams want, so we’re going to focus on that.”

Q: How did you deal with Fullerton’s quick pace?
Hermanson: “We stressed transition defense in the locker room, wrote it on the whiteboard. We gave up more than we wanted to in transition, so that’ll be something we’ll pull up on the film and work to eliminate defensively.”

Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: On Jock Landale’s foul trouble...
Bennett: “Out there you have to play smart. As a senior, he’s got to know better than to take a risk on a foul that will give you two in the first half or the third and fourth foul in the second half, so he has to get better and we have to do better at coaching him up.”

Q: Defensively you had some trouble stopping the penetration. What do you have to do to fix that?
Bennett: “Get better. We did a better job in the second half. We are not going to be the most athletic team as far as guarding the ball and overall quickness, but we have a good size and good intelligence. We’re giving up transition defense layups, that’s just not acceptable. Now that we’ve had three games that matter, we have a little data that we can evaluate ourselves.”



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