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Postgame Quotes - Saint Mary's 97, Seattle 73

Dec. 9, 2017

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Postgame Quotes- Saint Mary’s 97, Seattle 73

Saint Mary’s Head Coach Randy Bennett
Q: Opening Statement…
Bennett: “Tonight’s game is the best we have played this year, from start to finish. We had a lot of guys that played well. We still have to get better defensively, although at the end we did do some damage. Our guys were excited to play.”

Q: Decision on moving Tanner Krebs to the starting line-up...
Bennett: “It takes him a little while to get comfortable. He played a big role last year at the end of the season. He is getting his stride back. He can go big and he did it tonight and I think you will see more consistent offensive contribution from him.”

Q: What were your thoughts on the contribution from the majority of the guys tonight?
Bennett: “Elijah was big. I thought Jordan Hunter did well playing in five minutes. Cullen Neal made some good offensive plays early and late in the game. Jock was Jock, Emmett was Emmett, Calvin was Calvin. Some other guys stepped up and that created some depth. We are getting there.”

Q: How good are you guys when you played like you did tonight?
Bennett: “We are good. Just like tonight with Tanner making shots, it makes it hard to guard. We are almost always unselfish. We started off the season with poor defense. Now, we are not good defensively, but we are not poor. We are somewhere in between. But if we go from decent to good defensively, we are going to be in business.”

Saint Mary’s Forward Tanner Krebs
Q: “Coach said he subbed you in a couple games ago to help solidify the defense, but tell me about the shots you made tonight…”
Krebs: “I think defensively, Emmett was able to get into the paint, and they were kind of collapsing on that. So, we were able to get three’s tonight. I was open a lot, and I was able to knock them down.”

Q: “A lot of teams are going to try and focus on Jock and trying to double down there, so how big is it when you guys can have a shooting night like that?”
Krebs: “It’s huge, especially if they are going to do that. I mean, Jock’s such a great partner out on the post, and he’s such a great passer out on the post. So, if we can, if our perimeters guys can knock down shots, we are going to be tough to beat.”

Q: “What would you like to see for when you guys get into the conference season?”
Krebs: “I think we’re getting better, and I know that as a team we felt that we weren’t playing to our full potential. So I think going into conference, we definitely want to get to our full potential of playing.”

Q: “Personally, do you know when you’re having a night like that? Are you tallying up the 5 three pointers and the points that are pouring in?”
Krebs: “I felt good in warm-ups. I felt good, I was making shots. But, I was open. First one went in and then the second one. I kept getting open, and I was just able to knock them down.”

Q: “What was your reaction when you look at the stats sheet at halftime and see that you’ve already got 17 on five three’s?”
Krebs: “Well my previous career high was 14, so I already beat it. I was like, alright that’s nice, but I’m not focused on that. I’m focused on how the team is doing, and we were up 17 at the half so that was the most important thing to me.”



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