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Postgame Quotes — Saint Mary's 69, Dayton 54

Dec. 19, 2017

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Saint Mary’s forward Calvin Hermanson

Q: On the team’s second half performance….
Hermanson: “Things may not have gone our way in the first half but I think we did a really good job of being gritty and playing harder than them. I think it was our best defensive game of the season.”

Q: On his shooting success in the second half after a slow start…
Hermanson: “Emmett [Naar] was in my ear all game long saying ‘Just keep shooting’. He even got mad at me for not shooting enough in the first half. Our team is that unselfish that we get on other guys to shoot more. It says a lot about our team and I couldn’t be happier to play with a group of guys like that.”

Q: “What does it mean to beat a team like Dayton?”
Hermanson: “It’s big time for us. We’re trying to notch as many big wins as we can before conference starts and this was definitely one that was circled on the schedule. I think we did a good job of showing up for the fight and competing all night long to get the big win.”

Saint Mary’s guard Jordan Ford

Q: “What was the atmosphere like during tonight’s game?”
Ford: “I thought the atmosphere was really good, every night we bring out a lot of good fans. It was really cool to play at Dayton last year too, they have a great atmosphere as well.”

Q: “You and Calvin Hermanson stepped up tonight. What does it say about the team that somebody new can lead the team each night?”
Ford: “We’re unselfish, we always make the extra pass. One through 15 on our roster is effective offensively. We have a lot of weapons and every night it can be somebody different.”

Q: On the team’s defensive performance…
Ford: “I think we were grittier than the other team tonight. Our ball pressure was better and we rebounded a lot better tonight. I think having the mentality of wanting it more than the other team will help us defensively.”

Saint Mary’s Head Coach Randy Bennett

Q: “What’s your overall idea of how you thought you guys played tonight?”
Bennett: “I thought we played well. This was our best defensive game. I thought Calvin [Hermanson] was great defensively, I thought Tanner [Krebs] and Jordan Ford were great defensively as well which was key. It was a team game and we were great on the boards, especially defensively.”

Q: “Were you on Calvin to keep shooting those shots?”
Bennett: “He knows he’s always supposed to keep shooting. I thought he got better ones second half. He had 17 in the second half and 0 in the first. Calvin’s got that ability to explode scoring wise, but they’re keying on him too. He’s going to see their best defender on the perimeter, so he’s going to have some nights where it’s going to be tough to get a good shot. I thought our team did a good job, especially second half, of fighting through that until we got a good shot. Jock [Landale] helped that when he started scoring inside, and that helped open some things up.”

Q: “How big was Jordan Ford’s play in the first half?”
Bennett: “Really big. He got us off to a good start. Both halves, he gave us a lift defensively and was key to that good start.”

Q: On Jock Landale’s performance….
Bennett: “We didn’t do a great job getting him the ball in the first half, and when he did get the ball he wasn’t as aggressive as we wanted him to be. I didn’t think they had a very good match up for him. Fortunately, Jock Perry and [Jordan] Hunter did a good job holding down the fort while Jock was out for his foul trouble in the first half.”

Q: “What does a win like this do for you guys before you get into conference play?”
Bennett: “It was a great program win. I thought that was the best non-conference team we played this year. People out here don’t know about Dayton. They draw a huge crowd every game, and they have for decades. They are a high level program. Last year, we snuck one from them out there, so this year we knew they were going to be ready to play. We knew they had a good team and a good program, we have a ton of respect for them. So that was probably as good as we felt after a win this year because we knew we beat somebody good.”



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