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Gael Spotlight | Pavan Sagoo

Nov. 22, 2017

The Concentric Wealth Management Gael Spotlight is a weekly Q&A by with a Saint Mary's student-athlete, getting to know our Gaels more closely

MORAGA, Calif. — This week, sat down with Pavan Sagoo, a senior on the Saint Mary's golf team. Sagoo has been one of the top performers and leaders for the Gaels team that has advanced to three straight NCAA Regional appearances.

Q: When did you start playing golf?

A: “If my memory serves me right, I was around the age of two or three. I had a cheap, small, set of plastic clubs that I seemingly couldn’t take my hands off of. I caught the golfing bug early, and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since.”

Q: What inspired you to start playing golf?

A: “Without a doubt, my Father. He was, and still is to this day, a massive “Golfaholic.” We used to have a large net in our back garden, and I remember watching him pound balls into it for hours on end every evening after returning from work. I suppose watching him sparked my love for golf, and inspired me to try it out for myself!”

Q: Why did you choose to go to Saint Mary’s?

A: “I chose to come to Saint Mary’s for a number of different reasons. The first reason being the incredible golf program that head coach [Scott] Hardy had built up. I believe only a couple of years prior to coming here, we had a team reach the National Championship, as well as win the West Coast Conference Title. Those two things alone suggested to me that this was more than just a competitive Division 1 school, and provided me with all of the re-assurance I needed that this was the right place to begin my collegiate career.”

“Aside from the golf program, I was attracted to Saint Mary’s as a whole. Who wouldn’t be? The setting on and around the campus is absolutely breathtaking. In addition, the small class sizes are very similar to what I was used to in high school, and I felt as though that would help make my transition slightly easier. I think that the intimacy we are able to develop with not only the
courses themselves, but the professors, is something that sets Saint Mary’s apart from some of the other schools I was looking at. The emphasis placed on quality of education is simply second to none.”

Q: Favorite course to play in the world?

A: “The Old Course. It’s where the game of golf originated, and to be able to play at a place steeped in such history really gives you goosebumps. Not only is the course an absolute delight to play, there is something about the town of St. Andrews itself that I find fascinating - it’s a true golfing town.”

“It is probably one of the only places on earth where you can walk around in golfing attire and a golf bag, and not receive strange looks.. It is a very, very special place. There is nothing quite like walking up the 18th hole and crossing the Swilken Bridge for the first time!”

Q: Favorite part about growing up in London?

A: “I think what I like most about London is the fact that everything seems to be so close together. With the London Underground, and the Busses, you can get almost anywhere you want to with relative ease. That’s not so much the case here in the United States, where everything is much bigger and much further apart. In my Freshman year, when I was without a car, simply getting to Moraga Country Club was a tough task!”

Q: Who was your favorite golfer growing up?

A: “Tiger Woods. I admired everything about Tiger when I was growing up. Everything from his incredible work ethic, to the way in which he carried himself and the clothes he wore. He was a true icon for me, and although there have been some unfortunate events develop in his personal life, he will forever remain my favourite golfer. I wouldn’t have the same passion I have for the game today if it were not for him.”

Q: Who has been your biggest role model?

A: “My Father. He is one of the most hard-working people I have ever come across. I cannot remember a single day when he didn’t leave home for work before the sun came up, and returned home after darkness.”

“As I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate the dedication he has to his craft more and more. Even when he is away from his profession, every minute he has free is spent on something meaningful. This could range from practicing his putting stroke, to listening to University lectures through his beat-up earphones. He is always doing something that is going to benefit him, and that is one of the most important lessons I have taken from him. His adherence and discipline is something I will always be in awe of.”

Q: Favorite part about Thanksgiving?

A: “Although we do not celebrate Thanksgiving back home in London, I must admit that I do really look forward to this time of year. I like the mood that the Thanksgiving period generates - both around the school, and also around the town of Moraga. It is very warming, and helps to deal with the daunting prospect of finals!”

Q: If you were to play in a foursome with anyone in the world, who would those
people be?

A: “My Father, Tiger Woods, Nelson Mandela.”



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