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Gael Spotlight | Jasmine Forcadilla

Dec. 12, 2017

The Concentric Wealth Management Gael Spotlight is a monthly Q&A by with a Saint Mary's student-athlete, getting to know our Gaels more closely

MORAGA, Calif. -- This week, sat down with Jasmine Forcadilla, a redshirt sophomore on the Saint Mary's women's basketball team who has taken over the starting point guard duties this season for the Gaels.

Q: What is it like being the new floor captain after playing behind former point guard Devyn Galland?

A: "It has definitely been a huge step up from last year. I was averaging 14 minutes a game and now I am playing 30. My time has nearly doubled and so have my responsibilities. So far, we have had a few tough games, but coach has whipped us around a little bit and hopefully we are going to be ready to go on the road for Purdue.

"It is tough to lose Devyn, Shannon (Mauldin), and Samira (McDonald) who, if you don't feel confident they will step up. Now the spotlight is on me without having a choice. Coach is always on me about my confidence. It's tough to hold that responsibility, but in a good way. I like the challenge."

Q: What are your thoughts on next season with the team having five Australians? What is the dynamic like being an international player and also having teammates from the same country as you?

A: "I honestly don't think I would survive without fellow Australians. They make it feel like home. I am not saying that the American girls don't. They are awesome as well. The team is my second family. It gives me that bit of familiarity and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

Q: Does Moraga or the Bay Area remind you of home? How are you adapting to the weather change, especially around this time with it being summer in Australia?

A: "I find a lot of similarities between Sydney and San Francisco. In Moraga the climate is similar to the climate in Terrigal.

"It is so strange. Chasing winter for four years isn't ideal, but that's why I make the most out of summer school."

Q: You're dating SMC men's basketball Tanner Krebs - how has having another Australian and another basketball player been influential on your time here?

A: "It is kind of funny because we knew of each other in Australia and then we met here. My mom was pretty happy when she found out he was Australian. He's really helpful when I feel like I am having a bad game or practice. He is understanding. It is good to have each other to lean on and to vent to.

Q: What kind of things do you do off the court? Did you bring hobbies with you from Australia?

A: "I love going to the movies, especially going to the Rheem Theater in Moraga. I love actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Colin Firth. I also enjoy art. Painting and drawing is a hobby. I am aiming to be a minor in art practice.

Q: What was your experience with basketball growing up?

A: "I actually started playing net ball in grade one. It is basically basketball without the backboard, no dribbling, and depending on your position you are only allowed in certain spots on the court. It is a really fun game, it is fast-paced. My net ball team played basketball in the offseason and I just loved the physicality and the fact it was indoors. I was eight years old and stuck to it ever since. I never really had a huge goal that I generally worked towards. I took everything step by step and kept working my way up and it's funny how it all works. I just went with the flow and here I am now."

Q: What was the process like getting to Saint Mary's?

A: "I was speaking to a couple of colleges at the time. But Coach Thomas really came in late in the recruiting process. One day he called me up and said he wanted me to play for him and from there I went on a visit and committed. It was so easy. I didn't think twice about it. Everything just felt right. I am happy."

Q: What is it like with home across the world?

A: "It gets tough. I am one of five kids. I miss my family a lot, but I think it is worth it. You can't pass up an opportunity like this. I am the eldest of five kids. I have an older brother, a younger sister and two little brothers. My sister is visiting me for a month and it has been fun. My mom and dad are coming in a couple of weeks. Me and my sister are two years apart. She just recently graduated. She will be playing basketball at Metropolitan State University in Denver."

"Even with three brothers, I think me and my sister are the most boyish of all. When we first started getting into basketball my mom and dad became obsessed. My mom has been following for so long that now we are a huge basketball family. My dad played club basketball and my mom also played. She always tells me a story that makes me laugh of how she got a technical and kicked out of the game. I think I get my fiery side from her."

Rapid-Fire Questions About Jasmine

Q: What is your favorite American food?
A: "Cheeseburgers."

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: "Red."

Q: What was your first car?
A: "A 2000 Volkswagen Golf. It got me from Point A to Point B. I really grew attached to that car."

Q: What is your favorite American movie?
A: "I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I really like Part 1 of Deathly Hallows."

Q: What is your favorite song?
A: "The Chain," by Fleetwood Mac. I am very eclectic in my music taste."

Q: What is your go to outfit?
A: "Baggy sweats and Uggs."

Q: What is one of your goals to accomplish this season?
A: "I think I am more a lead by example, I have always tried to be more vocal. As I get older I need to improve on being more of a vocal leader."

Q: What is one particular thing to know about you?
A: "I am obsessed with salt and vinegar chips. The chips are so much better in Australia than in America. When my sister came to visit she brought three bags of chips and they were gone in three days. It's what I think about on the daily!"



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