Loyola Marymount vs Saint Mary's (CA) (11/5/2016 at Moraga, CA)
Box Score
Box Score
Soccer Box Score (Final)
Loyola Marymount vs Saint Mary's (CA) (11/5/2016 3:30 p.m. at Moraga, CA)
Goals by Period12Total
Loyola Marymount101
Saint Mary's (CA)112
Loyola MarymountSaint Mary's (CA)
GK0Charlee Pruitt-----90GK1Julia McDonald-----90
D2Jill Farley111--90F2Jessica Imbrie---1-65
3Sarina Bolden4----90D4Valerie Laforge1---190
F5Phoebe Riley21--164MF7Samantha Dion---1-81
D13Raquel Angelone-----90F10Hannah Diaz321-290
14Shelby Cormier11---90D13Jackie Dutton1111-90
D17Tatyanna Lewis1----90F19Morgan Darling1---281
F21Pilar Torres32---81D20Jasmine Edwards1----90
23Maddie Medved41--190F21Kiana Quarles11--169
D30Gabbie Sanfilippo31---90F23Mary Fraser-----23
F34Sarah Sanger1---186D24Anna Parker----190
-- Substitutes ---- Substitutes --
7Sydney Zuccolotto-----4MF6Anyssa Dominguez-----20
F12Nikki Martino---1-26MF9Kailana Kaeo-----5
32Emily Carman-----9MF11Jaslyn Guillen-----13
Totals207116D12Jessica Ko-----32
F14Jaylen Crim1----41
MF15Sophie Santos-----12
0Charlee Pruitt90:0022
F32Jordyn Cunningham-----7
1Julia McDonald90:0016
Shots by Period12TotalSaves by Period12Total
Loyola Marymount101020Loyola Marymount202
Saint Mary's (CA)729Saint Mary's (CA)426
Corners by Period12TotalFouls by Period12Total
Loyola Marymount246Loyola Marymount426
Saint Mary's (CA)213Saint Mary's (CA)6612
Scoring Summery:
No.TimeTeamGoal ScorerAssistDescription
127:28SMCHannah Diaz(7)Jackie Duttonclearance collected at midfield dribbled to left corner of box, shot found right corner
241:45LMUJill Farley(3)Nikki Martinopass by #12, shot into far right post for goal. Shot from 8 yards out
355:43SMCJackie Dutton(1)Samantha Dion; Jessica Imbrieoff a pass by #2 to a touch inside the box from #7 to a tap in shot by #13
Cautions and Ejections:
YC-SMC #4 (65:36);
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